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Battle of Centauri

The Battle of Centauri was an armed military engagement between the Tevarin and the United Empire of Earth (UEE) and was the final battle of the Second Tevarin War (2603 - 2610). On 24 June 2610, the Tevarin Warlord Corath'thal and his forces entered the Centauri system with the Centauri-Elysium jump point as their goal, around which the UEE Navy (UEEN) had placed a blockade. Instead of charging for the jump point, Corath'thal's fleet diverted for Yar and Saisei, forcing the UEEN to break its formation and defend the populace leaving a small contingent of ships behind to protect the jump point. Captain Alexandra Dunlevy of the UEEN's 42nd Squadron, believing that this strategy would fail, convinced her commanding officer Admiral Tibault Fraser of the UEES Countenance to pretend to retreat under fire from the approaching Tevarin forces. As Corath'thal's fleet broke formation to enter the jump point, the 42nd Squadron ambushed them and took out their shields, giving the UEEN the opportunity to destroy a majority of the Tevarin ships. While Corath'thal and his remaining forces did manage to break the line and enter the Elysium system, they lacked the numbers to retake it. Instead, they chose to immolate themselves in the atmosphere of their former homeworld, bringing the Second Tevarin War to an end.

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