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    Reisse (Rhetor III)

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    Personal weapons, spacecraft weapons, ordnances

MaxOx is a Human manufacturer of personal and spacecraft-mounted weapons. The company was originally formed in the late 28th century to produce medical lasers. Impressed by their laser’s power and precision, United Empire of Earth (UEE) government officials contracted with MaxOx founder Burl Hitchens in 2778 to adapt his work to the then-classified weaponized terraforming project codenamed Vespa. Hitchens clandestinely sabotaged the project in order to keep such a destructive weapon out of government hands. When Vespa failed to materialize results, the government ended Hitchen’s contract and released MaxOx’s medical patents to the public. The company's sales drastically impacted, Hitchens pivoted MaxOx into weapon development. Today, MaxOx produces weapons like the NN-series of Neutron Cannons and the 35mm Dredge ballistic cannon.