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Dyna Lei

Dyna Lei (2833 - 2941) was a fashion designer and businesswoman most noted for founding the brand Dyna Lei. Born in 2833 to a family of textile workers, she began working as apprentice tailor for the clothing brand LaVenti at the age of 16 based on the strength of her portfolio. Three years later, she began to sell clothing of her own design over Spectrum. She used the profits from her sales to open a small fashion boutique in Prime on Terra (Terra III). When one of her gowns was worn by musician Aris Achrekar to the Elira Awards in 2857, Lei’s business vastly expanded. Active as a designer until her death in 2941, one of the last pieces she produced was a gown inspired by the coloration of Kiel IV, worn by Senator Janna Thurville to the Green Gala for the Imperial Arts Foundation in 2939.

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