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Getting Started in Star Citizen
Your Adventure Begins Now!

What is Star Citizen?

Travel across the vast expanse of space in a cargo hauler with a friend or two in the turrets, land on an alien landscape to pick up a bit of smuggling work only to be ambushed by unscrupulous outlaws and fight your way from the ground back into space. All in one seamless experience.

More than a space sim, more than an action shooter, more than an MMO: This is Star Citizen.

  • Hundreds of systems from the dense cities to vast alien landscapes, each artistically crafted with our hybrid procedural planet tech.
  • A massive variety of ships, components, weapons and equipment offering infinite customization options to tailor to your play style.
  • Live how you want to live: shift from a cargo hauler to an outlaw whenever you want.
  • Interact with a diverse and dynamic population. Whether they’re handing out jobs or running a store, Star Citizen’s NPC population have full day/night cycles thanks to our proprietary AI Subsumption technology.
  • A dynamic community. Not only do we regularly share updates, behind the scenes videos and developer commentary, we also have made available early builds of the game, so that our backers can test and provide feedback while Star Citizen is in development.

What Can I Experience Now?

Star Citizen is currently in Alpha which means that the technology and designs that bring the game to life are still in development. To help us refine and improve as we continue development, we have divided the game into several modules that are available now for early testing. With your Star Citizen game package, you can start playing all of these modules today and help provide us with much needed insight and feedback.

Currently Available Modules:

  • Arena Commander: An arcade-style dogfighting and racing mode that allows us to test our ships and physics-based flight model as players battle alongside and against their friends in multiple arenas and game.
  • Star Marine: A fast-paced battleground where players put our unique FPS gameplay through its paces, testing the seamless third and first person unified animations, zero-G combat, and a variety of high-tech weapons.
  • Area18: Originally designed as a test for planetside interactions, Area18 is an ultra-detailed cityscape for you and your friends to explore, go shopping, or just see the sights.
  • Hangar: Your own personal space to look at your ships up close, edit your loadouts, and see your special reward flair and decorations.
  • Persistent Universe: Commonly known as the PU, this mode combines all the other modes and allows players to explore a small section of one of our solar systems. Here you and your friends can do missions, engage in ship or FPS combat, or explore asteroid fields for long forgotten wrecks. This has all been built on our 64-bit game engine that provides seamless travel from inside a space station, to a spaceship so large that you and your friends can walk around inside while flying thousands of kilometers through space. All in real time. All without load screens. It’s here in the PU that you begin to see the real promise of Star Citizen.

How Do I Play?

You can join Star Citizen by purchasing a Star Citizen ‘starter pack.’ Every starter pack includes an in-game ship ready for you to fly and access to all currently available game modules.

Pick up a starter ship pack with either a reliable Aurora or a nimble Mustang spacecraft and launch into your interstellar adventure today!

Note, we offer additional ships and in-game items that can be purchased through the Roberts Space Industries website, but they are to allow our backers to provide extra support to the development. All of these ships will be available in the game if desired and they will never be required to play the game.

Starter Packs

There are a number of ways to get started in Star Citizen. Below are just a few of the many options available.

Aurora MR Starter Pack - Package
$45.00 USD
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Mustang Alpha Starter Pack - Package
$45.00 USD
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You can find other starter packages here.

Would You Like to Know More?

If you are interested in learning more, staying up to date with the latest news and developments, as well as becoming more involved with our active community of supporters, the links below are a great place to start.



Stay up to date on everything Star Citizen.


There are thousands of fellow backers eager for you to connect and share.

  • Spectrum – Here you can discuss topics with other backers, debate which ship is best, provide feedback, and share ideas with devs.
  • Organizations – Looking to link up with like-minded individual? Check out our community organizations and find the right one for you.
  • Issue Council – This is the place to share any feedback or bugs you find while playtesting the Alpha modules.


Star Citizen takes place in a rich and deep universe that only continues to expand.
  • Spectrum Dispatch – The home for the ever-expanding lore and fiction of the Star Citizen universe. In the weekly News Update series, the narrative team posts a new short piece of fiction set in the universe. Or you can check out the Time Capsules to understand the historical events that occurred between the present day and the 30th century.
  • Writer’s Guide – This guide outlines the fundamentals of Star Citizen’s fiction and lore.
  • Star Map – Explore Star Citizen’s solar systems in detail with this fully interactive map.


For additional assistance on any of these topics and more, visit our help page.