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Zero Seven Three / 073

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  • Security
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073 is a conglomerate of diverse savants dedicated to providing interstellar security for humanity’s many endeavors such as research, exploration, colonization, mercantile activities and in particular, sanctioned warfare.


The primary focus of Zero Seven Three is to contract with allied Organizations, UEE outfits, public and private enterprises of all sizes, academic institutions, and the erstwhile individual in order to provide them with highly trained, highly effective combat support ranging from space based engagements to ground based assault. Given the breadth of expertise offered by our personnel as well as our strategically diversified fleet we are also able to offer scientific, technological, economic, administrative and even diplomatic support as such needs arise. Zero Seven Three was founded by the following visionaries. Here are their stories, and that of the Organization itself:

Thomas Pierce: Founder [Katalepsis - UEE Citizen Record 609571] Some twenty months ago Vice Admiral Thomas William Pierce mysteriously resigned from the Navy proper, presumably for the greener pastures of private enterprise. It’s since become known that after centuries of distinguished military service by those bearing the Pierce surname he’d become irrevocably disenfranchised over lax prosecution of those engaged in violent piracy. Given the shortage of morally solvent leaders within Government and Military he could no longer abide the hypocrisy that has permeated nearly every municipality in this and other senses.

The bottom line is civilians of colonized systems large and small are being victimized, often with fatalities. The only ones to know justice are either well connected or wealthy enough to seek retribution. The formal response is that UEE resources are spread too thin due to our ever-expanding hegemony in parallel to a lack of funding and qualified pilots. However, this is simply the rehearsed mantra of feckless institutions gone sour from within.

Enter 073, a unique amalgamation of right-minded souls, fellow spacefaring savants with diversely impressive backgrounds ranging from hardened military standouts and logistical personnel to gifted engineers and scientists hailing from all walks of galactic life. Civilians seeking security now have a powerful alternative. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the Zero Seven Three.

For more information on Admiral Pierce visit his embedded Citizen Dossier here. In short, he amassed both fame and fortune while in the UEE Navy through a mix of extraordinary mission performance and prudent market investment to help augment an already substantial inheritance. These funds continue to be strategically leveraged and translate directly to the profound access 073 has at its disposal regarding critical resources, not the least of which are ships, weapons, and elite talent. Become the beneficiary of such a cohesive Org, one that values its members like they were family, all whilst remembering our principles of Courage, Fealty, and Wisdom. These words are not just lip service but rather the creedo of brave souls willing to benignly reshape the very Universe itself.

Johannes Gravelin: co-Founder [Forsnaken - UEE Citizen Record 614600] See Profile

Robert Rains: co-Founder [Gygax - UEE Citizen Record 863452] See Profile

Alejandra Rios: co-Founder [GphxGeek - UEE Citizen Record 1251735] See Profile

Prakesh Subramanian: co-Founder [WarHammer - UEE Citizen Record 972199] See Profile

Sriram Subramanian: co-Founder [Tritonix - UEE Citizen Record 934063] See Profile

Blanca Montiel: co-Founder [MissPhi - UEE Citizen Record 1251920] See Profile

Ivan Bomba: Senior Officer [Bombastic - UEE Citizen Record REDACTED] In Absentia

Emmanuel Dador: Senior Officer [Beemer - UEE Citizen Record REDACTED] In Absentia

Andrew Beckham: Consultant [Halcyonyx - UEE Citizen Record 224170] See Profile

Ronald Hanna: Consultant [Ski - UEE Citizen Record 127238] See Profile


It is our intention to provide affordable alternatives to galactic security, primarily those involving the infiltration and stabilization of interstellar shipping lanes known to be compromised by alien or criminal forces. We are also equipped to carry out the assault of related strongholds uncovered throughout the Galaxy. Armed shipping escort is also an offering, as is operational readiness to contract with official UEE military units for organized warfare. However, the overarching goal of 073 is simple and admittedly altruistic; to permanently secure holistic shipping resources for mankind’s utilization without fear of reprisal or need for perennial security supplements.

Through contracts with Aegis Dynamics our main fleet as of today comprises 1 Idris-P flagship, 1 RSI Polaris, 1 Retaliator, 2 Reclaimer, 1 Redeemer, 3 Vanguards, 1 Gladius, 4 Avengers, 1 Gladiator, 1 Crucible, 3 Sabres, and 2 SuperHornet with negotiations underway for 1 additional Retaliator and indeterminate Aegis offerings still in development. We also have a signed order authorizing us to acquire a single Javelin in 2946, an unspeakably impressive combat ship representing the final piece of our operational puzzle that will replace the Idris as our designated flagship.

Our auxiliary fleet is more modest and serviced by contracts with Anvil Aerospace. It currently constitutes 3 Super Hornets, 2 Gladiator, and 1 Carrack multi-purposed vessel with agreements in place to obtain future Anvil ships still in development as well as 1 additional Gladiator. Atop these conventionally purchased resources 073 has procured myriad other hulls through the prosecution of bounties and applicable impounds, salvage of legal derelicts such as a Gemini refueling platform and even classified alien hulls bested in sanctioned battle and gifted to us by the UEE.

These carefully maintained ships afford us a fleet which in combine with our superior talent acquisition methodologies for strategically employing elite personnel ensures that Zero Seven Three remains a premier paramilitary corporation, one capable of providing highly specialized services to the Mercantile, Political, Military, and general Civilian communities. These services include but are not limited to Scouting, Infiltration/Assault (Space and/or Ground based), Armed Escort, Salvage, Bounty Prosecution, and more peaceful pursuits such as Stellar Cartography, Scientific and Technological Experimentation, Colonization, and even Geopolitical Stabilization and Inter-species Diplomacy. To these ends and more we also leverage surprisingly robust social networks touching every echelon of UEE Government, Military, and Academia as well as functional elements of the very criminal underground itself. Suffice it to say that no system, or situation, is beyond our scope or reach.


Our motto derives from the Latin phrase Semper fortis (Always strong). As published in our History and Manifesto we are essentially a do-it-all organization yet militaristic in nature and thus hired guns, so long as those doing the hiring are on the right side of the law…mostly. Having said all that, we present to you our formal Charter:

Zero Seven Three is expertly manned by diverse personnel serving in six Ranks across four macroscopic Roles. We are formally listed with the UEE and legally licensed as a PMC [Paramilitary Corporation]. Our clients include anonymous individuals, major Universities wanting to access LOWSEC space for scientific study, various sized enterprises wishing to do the same for reasons of mercantilism, colonial entities seeking to homestead on remote locations occupied by armed squatters, and the erstwhile UEE unit or allied Organization needing coordinated warfare support, particularly military actions involving heavy space and/or ground-based assault.

Our name derives from the concept that we have “Zero Egos” among our “Seven Founders” with “Three Principles” that ever guide us. They are 1) Courage to do what’s right even when you may not want to, 2) institutional Fealty in a society that celebrates anything but, and 3) Wisdom to understand the vast intricacies of an infinite Universe. More simply put, there is no place for Ego during trying times like these. Humanity is on the brink of the metaphysical abyss, struggling to identify itself yet again, all whilst facing physical and spiritual dangers of every kind.

Our core Ranks across the Organization are Founder, co-Founder, Executive Officer, Senior Officer, Adjutant and Consultant. Note the latter Rank of Consultant is dedicated to both new prospects awaiting further evaluation and also personnel from other Organizations who are simply affiliated with 073 and serving her in myriad capacities.

Macroscopic Roles were created in descending order of responsibility and are Executor, Ambassador, Director, and Specialist. The Role of Executor is reserved for Founders such as Admiral Pierce. The Role of Ambassador is reserved for co-Founding peers, each of whom will act as such on behalf of Zero Seven Three. The Role of Director is granted by default to all “titled” Officers, meaning Executive and Senior, regardless of station, albeit typically the heads of each Division and Subdivision. The Role of Specialist will be granted to strategically identified members across all Divisions and Subdivisions and act as Organizational Marketeers, typically high performing Adjutants.

073 successfully fulfills its objectives by leveraging three primary Divisions functionally titled Operations, Engineering, and Logistics, each of which is lead by a Director of merit. Operations has obvious tactical ownership over all aspects of Intel and Warfare, while Engineering handles all aspects of Research, Development, and Maintenance (this can and does cover scientific exploration and experimentation, ownership over all technical hardware and software whether proprietary or licensed, complete fleet management, and oversight for all types of cross-functional personnel gear). Logistics owns the internal machinations necessary to keep 073 afloat on a day-to-day basis, this includes Human Resources, Procurement, and the Medical Services Group.

Our three Divisions consist of multiple Subdivisions which are equally interdependent and typically where core day-to-day operations actually take place. They are populated en masse by Adjutants and Consultant but may also consist of titled Officers not assigned as a Division or Subdivision Head.

Subdivision descriptions are as follows, see in which area you could honorably serve the greater galactic community. Apply today and become a renowned Subject Matter Expert aka “SMEE!” In short, we separate the best from the rest…and then promote them:

Intelligence [Operations] All forms of surveillance regarding human and electronic intelligence gathering, sharing, and analysis Tactical [Operations] Critical design, analysis, and implementation of established and theoretical best practices relating to every conceivable manner of warfare, as well as conducting advanced, ongoing training in said areas. Additionally responsible for working with Administration to design, implement, and continuously update the Organizational Matrix in order to drive tactical optimization of 073 regarding all relevant aspects of operational readiness

Science [Engineering] Researches, designs, and develops cutting edge solutions in the many diverse fields of Science such as Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Quantum Physics, Astrophysics, Cosmology, and even Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology, Theology and Political Science in order to advance the comprehensive goals and general welfare of 073 Technology [Engineering] Researches, designs, develops, customizes, repairs and/or maintains all fleet hulls and associated systems such as weapons, computer hardware, cross-platform software, robotics, and general avionics in addition to all personnel and anti-personnel gear such as clothing, weapons and armor

Administration [Logistics] Ensures the proper recruitment, retention, training, and development of all human capital. Acts as Ombudsman, distributes profits, maintains personnel records, administers health & welfare benefits, handles formal conflict resolution, and essentially any/all matters pertaining to human resources. This includes the Medical Services Group responsible for general wellness and the treatment of any injury or illness befalling 073 personnel Procurement [Logistics] Manages all aspects of supply chain including contract negotiations and vendor liaison. Owns all budgets and oversees the acquisition of any and all goods, services, or materials necessary to operate 073 effectively

Here now are multiple cross references of 073’s Echelons based on the Charter info provided thus far:

6x Ranks serving in 4x Roles as follows:

Founder (sole members to obtain the Role of Executor)
co-Founder (only members to obtain the Role of Ambassador)
Executive Officer (always obtains the Role of Director and may obtain leadership of a Division or Subdivision)
Senior Officer (will also obtain the Role of Director, even if not assigned as a Division or Subdivision Head)
Adjutant (distinguished members of 073 that typically merit being assigned the Role of Specialist)
Consultant (no Roles allowed)

Executor (Founders only, such as Admiral Pierce and his peers)
Ambassador (co-Founders only)
Director (all members ranked Executive and Senior Officer, typically assigned as Division and Subdivision Heads)
Specialist (high-potential Adjutants but never Consultants, as the latter cannot be granted Roles)

Division Head (typically an Executive Officer, but may be a Senior Officer, assigned Director Role by default)
Subdivision Head (typically a Senior Officer, but may be an Executive Officer, also defaults into Director Role)

Separately, the Executive Steering Committee will consist of all seven Founders, the three Division Heads, and the six Subdivision Heads. This collection of sixteen (16) mission critical personnel will also double as Marketing agents responsible for the effective branding of 073 thus driving the subsequent sales of its evolving offerings.

As far as “rules” there is but one, The Golden Rule. Superior Officers are allowed to mete out final determinations in any and all matters of discourse between subordinates in a manner of review that rolls upwards based on the Ranks of those involved. Again, when in doubt, treat others within and beyond the Organization in the exact same manner you yourself would wish to be treated. In doing so, we can rest assured there will be zero conflict of such magnitude that it requires formal intervention and/or any semblance of penalties or punishment.