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101'st Wolfpack / 101ST

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    Bounty Hunting

The 101’st Wolfpack is an international Squadron, started in Starlancer all the way back in 2000. We moved to Freelancer as soon as it was playable, and have been playing space sims or space-related games ever since.


The 101’st Wolfpack was founded more than 24 years ago as a squadron in Starlancer. Since then we’ve been active in space sims (as well as occasionally in a non-space related game). We began with Starlancer, moved on to Planetarion, Freelancer, Freespace II and StarTrek Online and are now looking forward to Star Citizen. What began as a classical gaming squadron has evolved into a community of friends, whose core of 10-15 people have been loyal to the “Pack” for years.

We are a multi-national gaming squad, with members from for example the Netherlands, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Austria and Sweden. Because of this, our official language is English.

The 101’st Wolfpack is commanded by the Commanding Officers Aesthir and No Chance, who are able to take any necessary squad-related decisions with immediate effect, should the situation require it. However, most of the time the various topics are made as a team.

Most of our members are veterans, who can often look back at 25, 35 or in some rare cases even 55 years of life experience, though we also welcome younger members, as long as they behave in a mature way.*


The 101’st Wolfpack has been a military organization since it’s inception, and even though we have branched out into other areas of interest, the core business of the 101’st Wolfpack is still providing security and bounty hunting. Whether you need an escort for your convoy or the elimination of a dangerous adversary, the fighter pilots of the 101’st Wolfpack are there for you.

Of course, as any organization large enough to branch out into other areas, we too have begun venturing into exploration, trade, mining and freelancing in order to support 101’st Wolfpack fleet assets and operations.

While pilots of any skill level are welcome, the pack will put extensive effort into the training of it’s members to ensure our squadrons belong amongst the absolute top.
Our philosophy is one of quality over quantity, which is why, while new pilots are welcome amongst us right now, we do not wish to grow into a large bloated organization where one is lost in a faceless mass of members. Instead we prefer a smaller, close-knit structure of good friends who know they can rely on each-other when the need arises.

We believe that skill and training are inherently superior to raw untrained power or numbers, as reflected in the 101’st Wolfpack’s own motto:

“Potestas sine disciplina nihil est.”
(Power is nothing without control)


General Rules and Guidelines

** Real life always takes precedence; Star Citizen is only a game.
** Respect other members!
** Remember that you represent 101’st Wolfpack, and act accordingly.
** Insulting other members or intentionally damaging the reputation of the Pack will result in expulsion.
** Keep the game clean – refrain from using/abusing any bugs/exploits.

General Rules for Communication

** Keep the communication lines clean. Refrain from spamming/flooding voice and text.
** If you have any issues regarding management, activities or other members, take it up with your Wing Commander or High Command.

All information in this charter is subject to change