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Roberts Space Industries ®

Alpha Citizen Escort Service / 1099

  • Corporation
  • Casual
  • Freelancing
  • Security

Alpha Citizen is the premium Escort Service for discerning clients
Services beyond escorts & the discretion you desire

Our highly trained experts bring extra:
  • Assurance
  • Manpower
  • Firepower
  • Distance
    Without inflating your org’s regular payroll
    Hire 1099 A.C.E.S. for your next Service Beacon


Have a network. Build your brand. Get paid.
…That’s the thought that started it all, back in ’45.

We began recruiting top-talent to help build a premier consulting group, founding Alpha Citizen Escort Service ® as a corporation dedicated to becoming the most trusted source in the quadrant for hiring temporary contractors – the alphas of their fields.

Foundational Ideas:
  • 1099 certified sub-contractors work independently through the Alpha Citizen Escort Service network
    • Affiliate or Main Org – Alphas do what they want, as long as they aren’t jeopardizing the reputation of the 1099 brand or disregarding the code of conduct (found on the 1099 Discord)
  • Our contractors may accept jobs as often or as little as they like – no minimum hours with org
    • Each contractor is wholly responsible for their own taxes, filing as 1099 (per U.E.E. tax-code)
  • 1099s must adhere to org guidelines to continue membership in the network

Would you like to know more?
Check out our Manifesto and Charter on this site then hit up our website:
Want to party up with us first? You’ll find us on our Discord Server:


** **Disclaimer: [1099] Contractor Applicants must be 18 years and older. Pirates need not apply. That aside, human equal opportunity employer. Limited liability corporation. Alpha Citizen ® has no affiliations with industry unions, nor the U.E.E. government. Pre-employment interview may apply, however Alpha Citizen ® reserves the right to never screen for drugs nor alcohol – just be cool (we’re probably streaming or recording). Discord and headset required to join our online festivities.

  • // Alpha Citizen Escort Service was founded 2945-04-06 20:42:27 //


Discerning clients are willing to pay an extra premium for the discrete, reliable service of an industry Alpha.

  • Alpha Citizens are:
    • Small-scale spec ops for hire
    • 3rd-party, independent contractors, 1099
    • Extra manpower, on-call for those who prefer quality over price

We offer a variety of services to well-qualified clients.

  • Our services include:
    • Escorting cargo, contraband, top officials and those who need a little extra protection
    • Security services, for when you feel you need a little more muscle on your next job
    • Clearing out those pesky squatters, thieves and pirates from your territory
    • Traversing uncharted systems where things may get a little dicey, aboard our Carrack for-hire
    • Body guard work, when your friends just aren’t enough
    • Over-watch during mining/construction operations
    • Help during resource gathering missions
    • Keeping your mom company when you are out of town
    • And much, much more that the U.E.E. doesn’t need to hear about
  • Our “guidelines”
    • We lean toward moral jobs, like neutralizing those who deserve it
    • No shooting women or children, unless they shoot first
    • Never reveal your sources, unless it’s already been leaked and the profit peaks
    • Legal & “not exactly legal” jobs preferred, but… how much are you offering?
    • An Alpha’s reputation is paramount; We never double-cross on Service Beacon contracts

The discerning client understands that discrete, reliable service is worth the extra premium.

Contact us today for your free, no-obligation consultation!

Narrow band comms available, off-the U.E.E. Spectrum – by Discord Server
  • Private meeting channels available in the [1099] Alpha Citizen Discord server.

Like to become a 1099 contractor yourself? Want information on how to become a valued client?
Apply today or contact one of our specialists for the Alpha Citizen Escort Service’s Discord link!


Contractors have freedom… especially deep in the Verse where life is a luxury and grey areas shadow the law.


How much freedom do YOU want, until the day the Verse steals your last breath?

Think a network of reliable Alphas could help you breathe a little longer… and richer?

A stronger network means more choices in jobs, right?

Help us grow a strong network of Alphas, to find interesting work.

Plus one day you might need to call-in a favor… as long as you’re willing to share a cut and some beer of course.

Thinking about making Alpha Citizen Escort Service your Main Org?
Open the door to specialty focus divisions and org ranks 4+ while wearing the 1099 tag to let everyone know you are a contractor-for-hire.

Prefer to join as an Affiliate while staying in your Main Org?
Just remember that once you’re an Alpha, we expect you act like an Alpha. You’re representing our brand!
Classless acts of grief and violence, among other petty acts, aren’t how Alphas behave and warrant a demotion to Beta status, and removal from 1099.

Most are followers, and can follow someone else.
We’re looking for natural leaders and those who blaze their own trail through the stars.


Stay connected. Take more lucrative jobs.
Explore deeper into space. Ace the opposition along the way.
Earn riches and reputation by the level of your work
Live like an Alpha.