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110 OF MIN / 110TH

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“Wealth brings comfort, but not at the expense of your soul”



While the truth behind the founding of our Syndicate remains a legend, it is believed to have been forged from greed & regret. It is said that hundreds of years ago, a family of four lived in a shanty town called Min, in the shadow of an opulent walled city. Like many, they survived by scavenging from the refuse of the rich and corrupt to silence their hunger.

On one fateful occasion, the father of the family was scavenging under the city walls when the city’s guard seized him. Charged with trespassing on city grounds, he was taken to a holding cell to await his trial. In a bid to try and remove the unwanted eye sore that was Min, the corrupt officials had decided to make an example of the father. Their intent was to deter other shanty town residents from leeching off the city, forcing them to move on or risk punishment and starvation.

An extensive publicity campaign proceeded the trial, targeting the wealthy citizens and the residents of Min. The trial was a grand affair with the stately judge sitting upon his grand throne. Observers from both sides of the wall attended. The shanty town residents stood at the back of the courtroom, including the father’s wife, son, and daughter. The rest of the room was seated and reserved for citizens. The trial was short, and the judge awarded only one choice of punishment – death by being thrown from the city walls or paying a substantial fine. The fine was obviously out of reach for the family to pay.

The family’s young daughter rushed up to her father and took his worn cap from his head, then retreated to the back of the room. With the cap raised and tears in her eyes, she pleaded for help from the residents of Min. The shanty town residents had little, yet still, they put their hands in their pockets and placed what they had in the disheveled cap. The judge watched as the demure daughter walked slowly, hopelessly, towards his lavish desk. Her face was kept down as she raised the cap high. The judge took the cap and emptied the contents onto his desk. The sound of coins rang through the room—the sound of 110 coins, nowhere near enough to pay the fine. Under the payroll of the corrupt officials, the judge had a tear in his eye as he sentenced her father to death.

In the years that followed, the daughter grew hard and determined. She pledged never again to let her family be beholden to wealthy, unscrupulous citizens. Abandoning the shanty town, she led a small group in search of a new place and way to live. She searched for a new Min where her ideals could be realized, where wealth brings comfort, but not at the expense of your soul.



Centuries after the myth story, we are a syndicate of individuals that believe in the mantra “Wealth brings comfort, but not at the expense of your soul.” We believe that everyone should have the same opportunities as the wealthiest in the verse, but not at the cost of taking a life or another living thing’s property for no reason.

The majority of us are nomadic and spread throughout the verse living a life we choose while always abiding by our laws. A stable and steadfast home to our members will always be present for any brother or sister in the system of Min. Our home in the Min system is always available to any traveler to purchase supplies or rent a room to rest. Contracts form the fundamentals of our internal economy, allowing our brothers and sisters to live without wanting. At the same time, we ensure our home in the Min System is fortified, comfortable, welcoming, and well supplied.



1] Building and operating a settlement on Min 1b which will eventually become a trading, refuelling and rest stop open to those that pay

2] Ensuring that the Min system is adequately patrolled to ensure security to the 110 settlement



1] 110 Administrator Of Min
Original bloodline of the family from Min of old
Someone whose job is to control the operation of a business, organization, or plan
Oversees all

2] 110 High Council Of Min
Bloodlines of the original Council Of Min
Having executive and judicial authority
Not assigned to a dedicated career path
Decide on matters raised by the council and vote on
Deputise for the Administrator in his absence

3] 110 Council Of min
Voted in by the High Council
An advisory, deliberative, or administrative body of people formally constituted and meeting regularly
Hold meetings to discuss any matters arising and put agreed recommendations to the High Council Of Min
Dedicated to a chosen career path and leads the direction of that path to 110 members
Manage the internal contracts board for their career path for the 110 members to partake in for payment
Hold council meetings and vote on topics raised by members for the High Council Of Min to approve or reject

4] 110 Specialist Of Min
A person who joined the Min Syndicate based on it’s mantra
Having or showing very great skill or proficiency, acquire complete knowledge or skill in a subject, technique, or art
Assigned to a dedicated career path
Wants to focus on a specific role in the verse
Focuses on contracts aligned to their chosen career path, assists the Council Of Min lead of that career path

5] 110 Agent Of Min
A person who joined the Min Syndicate based on it’s mantra
Freelance roving soldier, who was free to engage for any state or commander that purchased his services
Not assigned to a chosen career path
Want to get involved in all aspects the verse has to offer
Takes contracts from all areas

6] Friends
Individuals or Organizations
Good relations with the 110 of Min



Intel / Recon – (Planning, Surveying, Info Gathering)
Black Ops – (Spec Ops, Infiltration, Espionage, Deep Undercover Operatives)
Security – (Patrols, Escorts, Protection of 110 assets)
Bounty Hunting – (Capturing targets dead or alive)
Marines – (Offensive Ops, Turret Gunners)
Exploration – (System Mapping, Jump Hole Charting, Resource Hunting)
Commodities – (Cargo Hauling, Smuggling, Trading)
Resources – (Mining, Salvage)
Science – (Component Upgrades, Agriculture)
Search & Rescue – (Medical, Repair, Refuel, Towing)
Advocacy – (Infiltration, Internal Investigations)



Aid a 110 brother or sister when assistance is needed or called for with no regret or thought



Do not interfere with outside politics or conflicts unless a threat to you or your brothers / sisters life is imminent



Do not take a life without cause, it must be via a contract or implicated with the first two laws