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11th Exploration Group / 11EXPLORER

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Taking the civilized ‘verse into untamed stars.


Commissioned in late 2951, the 11th Exploration Group struck out into the stars, seeking out new planets with a singular goal; Expanding the borders of civilized space, bringing civilized life out into the deep black of untamed space.

The 11th Exploration Group is the latest in a line of commissions, each signed by an Imperator. The original program for deep space exploration was adapted after the Revolution of 2972, when the first democratically elected Imperator, Erin Toi, discovered militant plans for deep space colonial plans to ensure the survival of the Messer regime in a growing empire of discontent. To date, Exploration Groups commissioned by Imperial authority have yet to encounter any such militant offshoot, and they have long since been categorized as extinct, if they were ever launched in the first place. Their primary directive was altered to that of long range exploration, and their makeup was similarly altered to suit it. Exploration Groups were expected to maintain a fleet of their own security forces, supplied by mining and refining vessels, all in order to guarantee that UEE exploration efforts into the void of space would continue in the same fervor it had in earlier centuries. The Imperator retains the authority to recall Exploration Group forces, in the event of significant threat to the UEE.

Since commissioning, the 11th Exploration Group has steadily growing. Amidst 2952’s Jumptown carnage, the 11th Exploration Group’s security forces could be found on the scene, pacifying multiple facilities. Multiple hostile elements would attempt to bypass the security provided by the 11th Exploration Group, and few can claim that they succeeded. Fewer still can claim that they survived the ordeal when security was at its’ strongest. 2952 Invictus Launch Week saw recruitment swell, due to proximity to the UEEN, and 2952’s Intergalactic Aerospace Expo saw a number of ships purchased and transferred to the 11th Exploration Group for use in its mission.

Why Join the 11th Exploration Group

*Weekly events; Mining, Bounty Hunting, or more fun-oriented tasks, taking Merlins in a carrier in ERTs. All with prize opportunities!

*A three tiered command system, built for growth; There will always be more room for more leaders!

*Access to a larger gaming community, all with similar structuring and professional environments.

What Makes Us Different
The 11th Exploration Group strikes out with its own Security Forces, and Logistics arm to complement the Exploration arm of the unit. All of these are led by a Chairman, and then each Chairman will have multiple captains beneath them, each in command of their own ship. While this structure exists, it does not exist to prevent members from using their purchased ships. This is only for use in operation with the organization itself.

The 11th Exploration Group has something for everyone, Security Forces exist for combat gameplay, deploying in defense of supply convoys transporting to the exploration front or protecting exploration and mining assets. Exploration personnel are brought in specifically to push the boundaries of known space. Locating things on previously discovered planets, discovering entire new stars; If you seek to explore, you can find a home port here. For those that enjoy the calmer gameplay of the Verse, we have places in Logistics for anyone who wishes; Mining and Convoying supplies, keeping our explorers and security forces running in the deep black.

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The 11th Exploration Group exists to push the borders of civilized space. As such, code of conduct is paramount. There may not be law where the exploration goes, so we will carry the law with us. Professional code of conduct will be enforced in the crew, and all that is considered illegal at home will be dealt with in accordance to UEE law by the chain of command. The deep black of space will not be tolerated as an excuse for one to devolve into savagery.


Any and all UEE law shall be enforced in the black, regardless of what borders the fleet of the 11th Exploration Group is currently flying through. This extends to laws of foreign governments, when applicable.

For guidelines regarding conduct in general, see the rules on our Discord server.