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Roberts Space Industries ®

127th Angry Angels / 127TH

  • PMC
  • Hardcore
  • Trading
  • Transport

We are a neutral squadron providing logistical services (refueling, repair, rearm, upgrade and commodity exchange) within the Star Citizen universe from our Motorama Space Centers.


The 127th Angry Angels was formed by T.C. McQueen and Dunnlang. The 127th Angry Angels is a small, neutrally aligned squadron of carefully selected pilots with like goals. The 127th Angry Angels periodically operate what are known through Star Citizen as our ‘Motorama Space Centers’.

* We will sell to all who come to our facilities and will not tolerate anyone turning their weapons on or attacking anyone with proximity of our Motorama Space Center facilities.

* We never attack any real players anywhere in the game unless fired upon first or to protect our resources or our customers at our facilities.

* We sell fuel from our StarFarer fleet to customers as well as perform repairs and upgrades to customers ships in our service bays of our many Idris Corvettes.

The 127th also provides CAP (Combat Air Patrol) around the proximity of our Facilities that are established always near asteroid belts where customers come to mine ores.

* We purchase these raw materials from our customers on-site so they may return to the asteroids to continue mining, thus saving them the need to haul to market and save fuel costs as well as enabling them to return to mining to maximize their yield income.

* We then refine the raw ore into minerals that we will either manufacture into our needed supplies or sell to market for a profit.

* We also have our Search and Rescue Medivac Patrols that will recover any downed crews within the proximity of our Motorama Space Centers who were defeated in combat and provide emergency medical treatment aboard our medical equipped ships. Once the crew is fit to travel they are then returned to a safe haven. Our Salvage Teams will then salvage what is left in the wreckage.

* We have many cargo ships and convoys to run trade routes for our needed supplies as well as our other allied squadrons who provide goods and services needed by the 127th Angry Angels.


Services we provide for our Preferred Customers.

The 127th intends promote player cooperation and development through the Motorama enterprise. We are not purely PvE but something else. For now, we like to call that Player Cooperative Experience [PCE].

The idea is to produce a framework for other players to build their own game play around. Motorama will be available to all players who are acting in a lawful and peaceful manner in our space. We will be a stepping stone as new players learn the game and begin to transition from the earliest PvE to experiencing the game with other players.


This is our primary function. It is the very service that Motorama was founded on.
  • Motorama will sell all 5 available fuel types in Star Citizen.
  • We can shave unprofitable jumps off of your trade route.
  • Routes which would not have been possible can be opened up by stopping at Motorama.
  • Why drag down the speed of your cargo run by having your slow StarFarer in your convoy when you can plan your route to stop at a Motorama Space Center to refuel your convoy and get you on your way quickly ensuring that your trips are safer and more profitable.

Repair and Rearm

Taken damage fighting Vanduul Raiders or want to replace that armor with an improved hull. Time to replenish your missile rack and ammo.
  • One of our primary goals is to assist those in need. Eventually, every ship will need a little fixing up and we will be there.
  • Dock with one of our Corvettes to rearm your physical ammunition.
  • Allow our repair drones to fix your ship.

Commodity Exchange

Don’t care to make the full trade route? We can help.
  • We will buy and sell the primary trade commodities on the trade route we use.
  • If you find the cargo run you are on to be too daring, drop off your cargo with us, re-supply, and return to low security space to do something else more to your suiting.
  • Allow our repair drones to fix your ship.
  • We can cut the trade route in half. You run the leg that you like.
  • Sell your mined ore to Motorama and get back to mining. No need to optimize for cargo capacity or make long haul trips.

Safe Harbor

The 127th operates a strict neutral and non-aggression zone around the proximity of our Motorama Space Centers.
  • All customers and those in need within the proximity of our Motorama Space Centers will receive the support of the 127th Angry Angels Staff.
  • If you need a place to relax and gather your thoughts, our Motorama Space Centers proximity will be that peace of mind area for you.

Dedicated Support Fleet

Large squadron activities may require a support fleet. Let Motorama organize your supply chain.
  • If you have a large fleet going out to mine, explore or patrol a sector, Motorama has the supplies you need.
  • The 127th will keep our Motorama Space Centers stocked with fuel, supplies and ammunition to ensure the convenience of what you need.
  • Repairs can be performed within our many Idris Corvette Service bays.
  • Search and Rescue Medivac equipped ships can rescue your downed crews and perform life saving medical care saving valuable travel time and keeping your convoy together.
  • Make the most of your squadron’s scheduled event by avoiding supply problems that could slow you down.

Raceway Trackside Refueling and Repair Paddock Racing Services.

If you are hosting races on your own racing course we can provide all trackside services for your events. Leave the racing logistics to us.
  • Eliminate the need for your racers to ever leave your racing event to refuel and repair somewhere else causing you to lose money.
  • Reduce downtime between your race events by having all track side services available for your participants to take advantage of onsite.
  • Repairs can be performed on the spot by our trained staff to keep your field of racers competitive and keep the fans betting on your races.



The Foundation of the 127th Angry Angels:
  1. To protect and serve the Science, Exploration and Resource communities.
  2. To preserve and uphold our alliances.
  3. To protect our 127th Angry Angels, their patrons and our Assets.