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12 Monkeys / 12M

  • Syndicate
  • Regular
  • Piracy
  • Smuggling


In the year 2512, the Pyro system was a lawless frontier, a melting pot of humanity’s worst elements. The star at the center of the system was unstable, prone to violent flares that could vaporize entire planets. The only ones who could survive in this environment were the pirates, smugglers, and mercenaries who called the system home.

Among these outcasts was a group of twelve pirates, each with their own unique skills and strengths. They were the 12 Monkeys, and they ruled the Pyro system with an iron fist. Their leader, a man named Captain Cygnus, was the most feared and respected pirate in the system.

The 12 Monkeys made their living by extorting protection money from the mining corporations that had set up shop in the system. They also stole valuable resources from these corporations, selling them on the black market for a hefty profit.

But the 12 Monkeys were not content to simply rule the Pyro system. They had a bigger vision, a dream of a better future for all the misfits and outcasts of the galaxy. They wanted to overthrow the corrupt corporations and governments that had ruined their lives, and create a new society where everyone was equal.

Their first step towards this goal was to take control of the Pyro system’s only functional spaceport, the hub of all trade and commerce in the system. They knew that if they could control the spaceport, they could control the flow of goods and information, and use it to their advantage.

But the various gangs were not about to let the 12 Monkeys have their way. They sent in their own mercenaries and enforcers to take back the spaceport, and a brutal battle ensued. The 12 Monkeys fought with everything they had, using their skills and cunning to outmanoeuvre the gangs forces.

In the end, the 12 Monkeys were defeated but survived, their grip on the Pyro system only now existed in more threat than power. They had proven themselves to be the one of the most fearless pirates in the system, and their legend grew as a result.

The 12 stood on the ramparts of the spaceport, looking out over the smouldering ruins of the previous fight.


Their manifesto

A series of cryptic messages and prophecies, had been passed down through generations of pirates, guiding them in their quest for power and wealth.

The manifesto spoke of a time when the stars would align, and the pirates would rise to claim their rightful place in the galaxy.


Charter of the 12 Monkeys

If you cross the line you will be killed and exiled.