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151st Freedom Fighters / 151ST

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We are Freelancers. As long as your credits are good, so are we, no matter what the job.

If you have a job you need doing, no matter what the cost, then you need look no further. No matter the legal ramifications, we can do anything, for anyone, at any time.

We are currently recruiting!


We are the 151st Freedom fighters and we originate from a large Planetside 2 outfit (Miller Server, NC). We have a lively community with 300+ members, so if you are looking for a team based MMO shooter to play while waiting for the SC release, feel free to apply for our outfit join

The 151st Freedom Fighters is a hardcore freelance organization, operating on both sides of the law. As freelancers we will be focusing on networking contracts, actively preforming and providing jobs for and with our members. If you would like to know more, please have a look at our manifesto.

We also look to join forces with similar minded organisations, or those with whom we might have a mutually beneficial arrangement. If you would like to propose an offer, or discuss what we might do for each other, please contact: JTM151


Do you need something moved, or disposed of, without everyone knowing? Perhaps you have ‘acquired’ something you would like to sell? As long as your credits are good, so are we. – 151st

We are a freelance organisation that values dedication, skill and teamwork. We welcome all pilots who are looking for a hardcore community who are dedicated to make a name (and credits!) for themselves in the Star Citizen verse.

We are an organised group with a command structure, our ranks giving members privileges and responsibility alike. There will be clear path for promotions for members who prove themselves trustworthy and competent. The 151st is split into four main and two special Charters, each having their own focus in different areas of Star Citizen gameplay. Members will have the option to dedicate themselves to a charter, without being bound to that charter alone.

As a freelance organisation, a fair part of our work revolves around networking to provide a variety of different missions and jobs, as well as contracts and trade opportunities with other organisations. Our group provides a “jobs market” for our freelancers, the members being the main driving force. Being dedicated to one charter helps members to get the jobs they are looking for and helps job providers to find competent manpower.

Our organisation is a tight knit group. Our veteran members will assist the newer ones in many different ways, from helping them on a job, to merely answering a question. From the smallest vessel to the largest ship, at the end of the day we will stand by each other and our allies.

We also look to join forces with similar minded organisations, or those with whom we might have a mutually beneficial arrangement. If you would like to propose an offer, or discuss what we might do for each other, please contact:

1) Racism, bigotry and sexism will not be tolerated.
Respect other players both in and out of the organization. The reputation of the 151st is how you act. Please remain respectful and responsible in the public eye while playing with the 151st.

2) No Team Killing, Griefing or Exploiting.
Everything which is against the rules in game, is against our rules as well. That obviously means no hacking etc..

3) Don’t start arguments.
If someone is being out of order in any way to you or someone else, refrain from getting into an argument and report them to one of the officers. If we receive enough complaints about someone or if the complaint is serious enough action will be taken.

4) Outfit members must be on mumble (VOIP) while playing with our organization.

5) No playing as the opposition.

6) Be active.
We’re all about the game but we need communication, both on mumble, in-game and forums.


Business Charter:
Hardcore economy of the group. Dives into the production and trade aspects of SC. This is the most legitimate part of the organisation and will work mostly in safe parts of the galaxy.

-Will have access to outfit revenue to buy real estate and factories.
-Produces weapons, ammo and missiles for the outfit.
-Building, engineering, and upgrading ships for the outfit.
-Trading between solar systems in “safe zone” space.

Brigade Charter:
Our main fighting force and muscle. Focuses in the dogfighting, planetside and tactical aspects of SC. Operate in both safe and unsafe space.

-Will do PMC work, such as defending outfit (or other outfits) convoys and mining operations.
-Will group up and head into giant battles with against other outfits in time of war.
-Acting as escorts during jobs.
-Pirating specific enemy outfits and groups, ranging from stealing cargo, boarding ships, to stealing entire ships.

Exploration Charter:
Travels into unsafe and uncharted space and does high risk/high reward missions. Works closely with the business charter, providing the raw materials they need to operate.

-Gathers resources by doing fuel and mining operations.
-Explores uncharted space and maps out interesting and important areas.
-Transports cargo over very long distances.
-Salvages ships and debri in space.

Freelance Charter:
Special missions department. Focus on harder missions that are done by single or smaller groups of people. For the Han Solos of the outfit.

-Bounty hunting
-Smuggling cargo and people.
-Information couriers.

Special Branches

Diplomacy: Making allies is an important part of the game. Diplomats try to prevent attacks, and make friends, leading to more contracts for the 151st. Diplomats may also, occasionally, hire themselves and their ships out as neutral ground, and as intermediaries, for other organisations that may fear any diplomacy attempts could be a trap.

Training: For any group to function, they need well trained pilots, gunners, and merchants. This group is mostly in-house, taking in those new to both the game and the 151st, to train them up for combat, or business, readiness.