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Self Made / 1905

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Self Made is an Organization for all individuals that value Reason, Purpose, and Self-Esteem. We promote all to be rational, have a productive purpose, and act towards achieving their goals.

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We believe that man is a being of self made soul, that each is able to forge their own destiny if they so choose. Self Made would like to invite all those who wish to forge their own destiny’s to join our ranks so that we may help each other become successful in the verse.

There are few legends told as seriously as the legend of the scientist, John Galt; and there are no legends told with a longing, hidden hope for its truth.

Some say that the first quantum drive was created by a group of brilliant minds trying to escape the statist governments of Earth. They grouped together in common rejection of the laws that exploited their productive ability in the name of those who resented them; and in common acceptance of the necessities of human flourishment: Freedom. The leader of this group, John Galt, gathered all those who thought this way into a secret organization: Self Made. This organization aimed to leave the established governments of the world and create a new world for themselves; a world where all could live their lives, free of coercion. There was little option as to where their new life would be, for most of the Earth was under the control of someone already, except for one land mass: Antarctica.

Those in Self Made spent most of their first years building connections, gathering resources and preparing for their expedition and the difficult journey to come. As they organized, the tensions between the world powers grew to the point of bursting. Alliances were made between Russia, China and South Korea. Pakistan, Iran, and most of the middle east quickly joined the new alliance or was forcefully absorbed into it. Other countries, such as America, Brittan, most countries of Europe, Japan, India and others, in fear of war, formed their own defensive alliances, hoping that war could be avoided, but anticipating and preparing for it it nonetheless.

In 2063, war broke out between the two alliances, some fought to assert their laws upon as many as they could, and some fought simply to defend their country. The war made Self Made’s exodus even more imperative, most of the great minds were being forced into service of their countries to create new weapons of destruction. Within a year, John Galt told his organization that the time had come: to leave the waring countries, and to form their own country away from the chaos and barbarism of the statist governments that plagued the world. Most were able to flee their countries, some, mainly those who were forced into servitude by their governments were caught and executed as a deserter.

When all the surviving members of Self Made arrived in Antarctica, they moved migrated to Mt. Tyree and began to create their new home, nestled in the unforgiving and harsh wasteland of Antarctica. Self Made’s plan was to build an underground city and harness geothermal energy to power their new civilization. Their excavations went quickly, motivated by their desire to escape the hellish conditions on the surface. They quickly moved underground and began to expand their new home, reaching further down into the Earth. Once they fully harnessed the energy of the Earths heat, they were able to power air pumps, which supplied them with clean air from the surface. They were able to light and heat their new home and even set up gardens, making it more hospitable.

As the war raged on upon the surface of the world, Self Made flourished under Antarctica in peace, though this came to an end. It occurred to Self Made that they couldn’t stay hidden forever, that the oppressive regimes would find and destroy or enslave them, as they did with everyone. The free people of Self Made found only one option to be a permanent solution: Space. The organization realized that their new home was, in a sense, a spaceship. It powered, housed, nourished, and shielded them from the harsh environment of Antarctica. They began to work on their new ship that would carry them through space, away from the threat of tyranny forever.

“This world may be blighted with coercive governments, but space does not belong to those despots. Upon Earth’s surface men can still exercise unjust laws, fight, enslave, tear one another to pieces, but just a few miles above the atmosphere, their reign ceases, their influence suffocates, and their power disappears. Only in space may we find our total sanctuary from oppression.” -John Galt

They built their own ship, the Prometheus, to carry them to their new life among the stars, where they may roam at will, live and create as they wish. This new ship would become their new home, complete with everything they would need to live and expand out on their own. As they created the pieces of their great space ark, which would later be assembled in space, their hackers discovered that the other nations of the world new of their existence and that they planned on sending armed forces to Self Made’s underground home. Invigorated by fear and anxiety of their discovery, work on the Prometheus from that point on was exponentially faster. As troops landed on Antarctica, the Prometheus’ progress was nearing completion. Their cities entrance was being sieged as Self Made finalized the ships progress. When the time came to launch the ships parts into space for final assembly, the enemy nation’s troops broke through into the city. As the troops entered into the main room of the city, the rockets carrying the organization and the Prometheus’ ship components launched into orbit and into safety.

It is said that when Self Made left Earth to assemble the Prometheus in orbit, that the other countries of Earth could only watch from passing satellites as some of the greatest minds created something for themselves, rather than serving a dictator or the mindless, ungrateful masses on Earth. Once their ship was completed, they began their new lives among the stars. As they traveled, they built and improved their ship, upgrading their power source to achieve new levels of energy, their engines to reach greater speeds, their medicine and stasis to extend their age and health. It is thought that they created the Jump Points through out the verse to carry them to even greater distances.

This legend is still told to this day by those who hope for greatness to return, murmured by those who wish for heroes to rise again. They say that Galt and the crew of the Prometheus is still out there in the vastness of the galaxy, and that the Self Made organization lives on. Some say that they discovered immortality, and that the original crew still lives on, learning and creating things beyond imagining, others say that the name John Galt has become a position, the name of the leader of Self Made, that lives on through each generation, a name passed on like a torch to one worthy to carry it through the ages. No one is certain either way, no one knows if they organization even existed in the first place, but a tale of such greatness inspires all to strive for the best in themselves throughout the verse.


What is a Self Made Man?

The Self Made Man is an individual that creates their own productive purpose. The Self Made Man is independent: his primary orientation is towards reality, not others, for survival. He is honest: he rejects fantasy; he understands his own ability and can admit to his own faults or failures. He is Just: rationally evaluative of himself and others. He is productive, he sustains his own life, demanding no sacrifices from others to sustain him. He is proud: morally ambitious in his goals. He holds the initiation of force as the death of the aforementioned things. If you aspire to be like any of these things, and to promote mutual benefit through trade among all, we welcome you to join our ranks in becoming… A Self Made Man.


There is only but 1 rule among Self Made. Do not initiate force upon another sentient being. Individuals have rights and force is an action that infringes upon those rights.

The initiation of force can come in different forms. Those forms are as follows:
1. The initiation of physical force.
2. The threat to initiate physical force.
3. The use of coercion.
4. The use of Fraud.

Any means of initiating force is not only immoral but illegal as a member of Self Made. As a sentient being our lives are lived by our ability to reason, which allows us to choose our purpose. Force inhibits our ability to reason and thus infringes upon our ability to live as sentient beings. At Self Made we pride ourselves in being honorable with our strong convictions in our ideals. Our integrity is apparent in each action we take as an organization. Should any member of Self Made initiate force upon another sentient being, they will be addressed and punished according to the findings of a fair trial. Should any sentient being, not of Self Made, initiate force upon any member, or ally, of Self Made, there will be an investigation as to why, and they will be responded to accordingly. Finally, should Self Made witness the initiation of force from a non member to another non member, we will take note of that action and classify that being as a pirate. Self Made does not trade with pirates nor do we trade with those allied with them. Self Made exists to promote prosperity for all beings so we refrain from helping any organization that would act against that ideal.

Trolling or instigating the use of force by any being, member or not, will be noted as an attempt to start trouble and will not be tolerated.