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First Regiment / 1STREG

  • PMC
  • Casual
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First Regiment is Back and as casual as Ever!
We are a casual group who don’t take anything too seriously. If it’s in SC and it’s fun it’s for us.
Cargo hauling, Mining, Salvage, Merc work, S&R, you name it!
It’s always more fun with more people.


First Regiment is the Star Citizen branch of the First Regiment Gaming Alliance.
We have Legacy Guilds in STO, CO, and SWTOR.
We are a close group of gamers who just like to hang out and play various games together.


The First Regiment is a close group of friends who play multiple games together. We are a casual group who likes to do a bit of everything including but not limited to cargo runs, salvage operations, mining, S&R, fighter combat, exploration, special in game events such as siege of orison, and large ship group play when we have the numbers. We are affiliated with the 127th Angry Angels among other groups and are always open to playing with other people and orgs as long as everyone is respectful and considerate of others. We have a discord server where we chat and play games regularly.


All members shall abide to the following rules of conduct.
1, Absolutely no griefing of any kind.
2, No going off on people, be civil.
3, Absolutely no firing first unless fired upon except in rare and unique cases such as being in a completely lawless system in a hammerhead or other large vulnerable ship when stealth bombers are spotted and even then only under direct authorization from a ranking member.