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The Vipers / 1TNC

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    Bounty Hunting

Welcome to the 1TNC Vipers Organisation.

Strike hard, strike fast, slither into the darkness.

Where to find us;

on Enjin
on Spectrum


Who are TheVipers?

TheVipers have their origins within the massive-scale combined arms warfare game Planetside 2, where TheVipers is an infantry and combined arms outfit on the Cobalt EU Server. Nearly two years of fighting at the very front of our empire’s lines, have brought our 150+ members together, forged friendships, and made our outfit the most experienced and capable in the whole of Planetside 2, whether on the ground or in the air, TheVipers are unmatched for skill, numbers, and coordination in Planetside 2.

We pride ourselves on team work, coordination, training, and being the best players we can be within our chosen roles. We heavily emphasise quality over quantity, so that we can take on long odds and superior numbers and triumph. However, quality comes in many forms besides FPS, dog-fighting and PVP skills, and there are many players in our organisation who are focused on the larger team play aspect, providing support and essential tactical options.

Our membership are extremely capable in the FPS genre and in PVP piloting and dog-fighting from other games, including PS2, War Thunder and Star Conflict (though flying in this latter two is easy). We will most definitely be looking to engage in PVP within Star Citizen, and will be looking to become a force to be feared, regardless of our final path.

Our leadership is highly experienced at coordinating combined arms gameplay, balancing the input of a large number of players, and accounting for the subtle nuances of leading large numbers of players in complex operations. Our leadership style is not authoritarian or militaristic in execution, but instead earns the full cooperation of our members through decisive results, a proven track record, and superior strategies and tactics. We have successfully coordinated hundreds of players in a strategic theatre or campaign, and our squad leaders are tactically diverse in achieving their objectives in the face of determined and numerous opposition. We will be able to bring these skills into our Star Citizen organisation to help us gain a significant edge over greener organisations.

We’re looking to Star Citizen now, with the aim of becoming as infamous as we can be, whilst having fun, and enjoying the game as a group.


What will the TheVipers be aiming to do in Star Citizen? (Provisional)

  • First and foremost, enjoy the game and enjoy the company of our organisation and allies.
  • To firstly recruit our Planetside 2 outfit and friends. Secondly, to recruit quality pilots and players, who can demonstrate some track record in gaming and a willingness to partake in the organisation and improve themselves. We will not just recruit anyone who applies.
  • To become one of the most respected and feared organisations in the Star Citizen universe. We have yet to finalise our course within the stars, and whether we will be a force for the UEE or one at home among the lawless regions of space. Regardless, we will aim to attain notoriety by attempting and achieving difficult, and dangerous feats within the Star Citizen universe. Raiding Earth? Overthrowing the UEE? Or embarking on a great crusade into lawless space or Vanduul space? These are the sorts of activities on our menu.
  • To become one of the most formidable combat squadrons in the Star Citizen universe.
  • To include non-combat play into our activities and efforts, accommodating players who do not necessarily wish to fire their weapons numerous times per hour.
  • To allow players flexibility and freedom to do whatever they wish with their time. We will not require you to spend all your in game time working towards our organisation’s goals, following orders, and following our strategies. We understand that players will also want to freely explore the Star Citizen universe and discover what lies within.
  • To establish a base or “home-region” within the stars that will serve as our staging area and safe zone.
  • To work together to build up and maintain a support fleet, and capital fleet.
  • To capture a Bengal Carrier, as soon as we are able to.
  • To ally with other capable organisations with similar goals.
  • To actively pursue our enemies and never allow them any respite.
  • To provide training and support to our members who wish to improve or master any element of the game we have knowledge of. Simply put, we have many extremely competent gamers, from competitive and ex-professional backgrounds that can help players improve at a multitude of PVP, FPS skills as well as general gaming tactics and strategies.

What drives TheVipers?

  • Vipers are driven by competitive minded, but relaxed players looking to be competitive in game, but also to have fun and not take the game too seriously.
  • Vipers value the challenge of other players, and overcoming it.
  • Vipers want to their organisation to become infamous, when we join a fight we want our allies to rejoice and our enemies to stare into inevitable oblivion.

What are the views of TheVipers?

  • Vipers will see combat either as a pirate, PMC, freelancer, bounty hunter as a core element of Star Citizen, they will view becoming expert at it as a primary concern.
  • Vipers will view the use of other professions by the organisation as a necessary and respected role for supporting our conquest by arms.
  • More philosophies will be added once our final organisation status has been decided.


General rules of TheVipers (Provisional)

  • A Viper will be expected to make TheVipers their main organisation, though they can be part of other organisations.
  • Vipers are expected to be mentally and vocally mature, no exceptions.
  • A Viper will be expected to adhere to any general guidelines or policies the leadership and majority of Vipers agree upon.
  • Decisions of the leadership, based heavily on the majority opinion of the Vipers, are final.
  • A Viper will not attack, betray or undermine other Vipers, or allies of the Vipers. Doing so may result in expulsion from the Vipers.
  • A Viper will not steal from communal resources for personal gain, whatever they may be. Doing so will result in expulsion from the Vipers.
  • A Viper will not show cowardice or undue caution in combat, when the majority of other Vipers have committed to the fray.
  • All Vipers should, if reasonably possible, respond to calls for aid from other Vipers.
  • All Vipers will contribute with what they can afford, to attaining and maintaining our communal fleet.
  • Vipers should, at all times, defend our base and communal fleet with extreme force, from any and all assailants, transgressors, and spies.
  • Vipers are responsible for maintaining the informational security of the organisation.
  • Vipers will be expected to understand they represent the larger organisation and not start unnecessary hostilities over trivial, or personal disputes.
  • Vipers will not behave in a generally unpleasant manner to other players within the Star Citizen universe.
  • Vipers must not use cheats or exploits in game. Doing so will result in expulsion from the Vipers.
  • Vipers must have a microphone and use the mumble server provided fairly regularly.
  • Vipers should be active within the community and partake in our organisations activities fairly frequently.

Benefits of TheVipers.

  • A Viper can call upon the collective might of TheVipers for aid against people who have without provocation, declared themselves to be enemies.
  • The use of our base, or safe haven.
  • The support of a collectively acquired and maintained, support and capital fleet, as well as the use of any communal smaller combat ships.
  • Enjoy playing with numerous other Vipers until release in other games, and in the alpha and beta phases of Star Citizen.

Rights of TheVipers.

Vipers have the right to-
  • Defend themselves, other Vipers, the Vipers organisation and our allies from any acts of aggression that may take place.
  • Open and equal access to our base, safe haven, any capital or carrier ships we acquire, and any communal smaller combat ships we have (if available).
  • Disregard the request for duels, and challenges of other players outside of the organisation, as they see fit.
  • Destroy the ship(s) of any player(s) outside our organisation and allied organisations, as they see fit.
  • Destroy the escape pod(s) of any player(s) outside our organisation and allied organisations, as they see fit.
  • Propose a new operation or activity for the entire organisation to embark upon.
  • Earn rank, and opportunities to lead, as their ambition dictates.
  • Leave at any time. However rights to communal wealth are forfeit by default. Special considerations may be made to compensate for a player’s input to collective enterprises, provided that the majority of Vipers agree, and it is not vetoed by leadership.

Leaving TheVipers

  • If you leave, dependent upon the majority agreement of the Vipers, you will likely be compensated for any extensive contributions to the communal resources.
  • You go with no-ill will, the best of luck, and we hope you find what you are looking for in the Star Citizen universe.


  • If you are expelled, dependent upon the majority agreement of the Vipers, you may be compensated for any extensive contributions to the communal resources. This is not guaranteed and depends upon the reasons for your expulsion.
  • You will leave promptly, and not engage in time wasting, whining, sabotage, or in any other activity deemed contrary to exiting. Next time we see you, you will be treated with animosity, but not hostility.
  • If you are expelled and the majority of Vipers agree you are scum, you will be given an acceptable time-frame to flee for with your misbegotten, miserable life, and any of your belongings, after which you will be destroyed on sight, and anything of your property left with us, will either be retained or destroyed, in accordance with Star Citizens own rules on acquisition of a player assets.