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30k Inc. / 30KINC

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30k Inc. is a industry focused organization with a specialty in mining. If you are interested in joining please first join our Discord and then provide a application here on the RSI site with your Discord name and Star Citizen name!

30k Inc Discord


Our Board of Directors will unveil our official corporate statements soon. Please come back for updated information.


Our goal is to offer our employees an enjoyable and immersive experience regardless of commitment level or play style. TwerkCorp aims to provide an active community which can offer support, advice and a collective knowledge to gain the best competitive advantage with a group of like-minded citizens. We want to have as much fun as possible and achieve success in all our endeavours.


Economic – 30K’s highest founding principle is the acquisition of primary resources and the associated technologies required to facilitate greater prosperity for its employees.

Exploration – From the discovery of new resources to charting the next great jump point, 30K Incorporated will go where it needs to find the highest quality resources and technology available.

Mercenary / Pirating – While 30K does not actively encourage acts of piracy we understand that not all system jurisdictions have laws that work in the best interest of the corporation. Members are permitted a lenient discretion so long as it is in the spirit of fun, good business and does not result in the greifing of other Citizens.

Military – While our core function does not cover military actions, 30K will endeavour to enforce the protection of its assets with any necessary offensive capabilities.

Leadership – 30K Incorporated maintains a flat leadership structure for the universal benefit of the corporation. Therefore, leaders are employees who have contributed to the goal of the corporation and leadership is a recognition of one’s ongoing commitment. A leadership role in 30K is one which provides support, direction and takes responsibility of their intended role. Everyone has the ability to contribute if they wish to. All members should be treated equally. If one is to lead, they must lead by example.


General Rules

1) Be Civil to Each Other:
Good-natured language is fine, just be aware of everyone around you. Hostility towards other members is not ok, we’re all human, we don’t need to feel antagonized.

2) No Bigotry or Racism:
This community is full of different kinds of people, from different kinds of places, with different kinds of beliefs, please be respectful to each other and civil.

3) Safe For Work Only:
If you’re gonna post some lewdish things for laughs, make sure it is safe for work please!

4) No Advertising:
If you want to promote something, ask for permission first – especially if you are new.

5) Be Respectful to Mike, the Admins and Mods:
Do not be rude towards them if they warn you about your inappropriate behavior, and respect their decisions. If you have a problem with a decision contact Mike to see what his final verdict is.

6) Keep politics to a reasonable amount or jokes:
It’s okay to talk about political happenings in a civil manner, we just ask that you take long heated debates somewhere else. Please respect that not everyone wants to hear about it during their relaxation time.

7) Do not leak Evocati content:
Members of Evocati Test Flight are under an NDA contract.


In-Game Rules

  1. Be excellent to each other.
  2. Play in the spirit of the game.
  3. Do not kill, steal from or extort any member within the Org.
  4. Lead by example, not by force.


Org Expeditions

The following guidelines apply to formal expeditions within 30K Incorporated:

  • Arrive on time: Your player character needs to be at the designated location when it starts.
  • Observe chain of command: Expedition leaders will always have priority in comms – especially with large groups.
  • Stay alert: Pay attention to orders – circumstances may change at any time.
  • Communicate: Speak up when necessary and keep your group informed. Voice comms are expected, especially for stream events with Mike, but also ensure everyone has the correct text channel active on screen as a backup.

To provide further clarity and help expeditions run smoothly there are 3 levels of priority that can be assigned:

Casual: These are expeditions which have a loose goal but are mainly to have fun and socialise.
Focused: The expedition has a specific goal and Work Orders need to be followed. Members taking part in focused expeditions must be prepared prior to commencement and be able to commit time to the expedition.
Critical: These are special operations that require experienced personnel. Comms are mission critical unless otherwise permitted by the leaders. Players must be fully prepared with prerequisite equipment. Work Orders are on a need to know basis and must not be shared openly. Interruption of the expedition may incur heavy penalties.

Failure to meet requirements for the expeditions such as incorrect equipment or IRL time constraints could mean you are excluded from that particular expedition. If in doubt, just ask.

It is highly recommended that participants record (clips, videos, screenshots) and/or make summary notes of their expedition experience and post them on the Discord channel or Spectrum. Not only will this be a great memento of past events, it could potentially help the org improve its techniques, and be a great source of stories for everyone to share.


Expedition Dividends

The distribution of profits and items will be determined when more Org functions and gameplay are available. Currently all expedition profits are given to the org account.