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Origin 350R Owner's Club / 350R

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Welcome to the Origin 350R Owner’s club, a purely social org where owners and fans alike can gather to discuss the pros and cons of Origin’s iconic dual-thruster racer. While the club is mostly comprised of 350R owners, we welcome all who enjoy discussing the finer points of Starship Racing.


The 350R Owner’s Club grew organically from like-minded fans of the sleek and speedy racer on the RSI forums.

This org is a placeholder until multiple orgs are allowed. In the meantime, join us on the club thread:


The Origin 350R Owner’s Club primarily gathers to race, support each other in missions, and of course discuss our favorite ships and ways that we can best use them in-game, including:

* Ship modifications * Overclocking for speed and endurance * Racing technique * Upcoming official events * Casual meetups in-game

Racing starships is just one of our passions, and of course there are bills to be paid. So you will also find plenty of shop talk on optimization and custom loadouts for mission-specific runs. We will eventually open our doors for any light freelance work that might require a top-speed ship or two as well.

For many members, this club is a secondary social group and won’t replace their primary org, so until such a time that we are allowed to join multiple orgs, most of our discussions will continue to take place on the main thread:

But in the meantime if you are looking for a warm dry hangar to park your Origin 350R next to other’s who appreciate the union of speed and style… hit the Join Now button and we’ll pour you a drink.


None yet. Come back soon.