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42nd Tactical Bomber Wing (Heavy) / 42NDBOMBER

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“Fighter pilots make movies; bomber pilots make history.”

The 42nd Bomber Wing is an advocacy organization of pilots and enthusiasts of the Aegis Retaliator heavy bomber.
It also serves to bring the power of the “symbol of Imperial might” anywhere in the ‘verse where we perceive the need.


As the Messer regime collapsed, Retaliators and their crews found themselves ostracized by the people who once looked to them as heroes. Many changes were taking place especially within the military which directly affected their lives and careers. A group of Retaliator veterans gathered to discuss these changes. They tried to remain optimistic at first, but every new policy would drag down their hopes lower and lower. There were drastic cuts to the military, then a manhunt and persecution of former Messer officials. A plan to modify their beloved ships was even underway. It was obvious that the new galactic order had turned their backs on the people who defended it for so long.

Each Retaliator pilot and crew-member had different issues, but ultimately they came to a consensus. They created a transmission with their grievances that was broadcasted throughout the galaxy, especially to the new government. On that same day, the veterans boarded dozens of the still military-owned Retaliators and left the UEE behind to form their own group: The 42nd Bomber Wing

While the UEE initially saw these renegade Retaliators as traitors, they did not dare give chase. Most of these Retaliators still carried their deadly anti-matter torpedo payloads. It was obvious that recovering several dozen ships wasn’t worth putting thousands of lives at risk. Massive private citizen organizations recognized this threat too, making the 42nd a wildcard in galactic affairs. Sometimes the group would block out the light of stars with a salvo of torpedoes. Other times, it’s was a casual group, with veterans and newcomers alike landing their iconic ships to have drinks at local bar.

Today, the 42nd Bomber Wing serves as the primary and even secondary home of many Retaliators. Some are still the bombastic war machines they originally were, while many others were converted to other uses like hauling cargo. There are many different creeds and allegiances among the ranks of the 42nd, but the one thing they all hold in common is the dedication to a legendary spacecraft.


Membership in the 42nd is open to anyone and everyone with an interest in supporting the Aegis Dynamics Retaliator. We place no restrictions on you or any other orgs you may join. While we are primarily an advocacy group, we also serve as the main point of contact for the testing and evaluation of the ship in both single-player and multi-crew modes of operation.

In addition, we stand as a dedicated strike force ready to bring heavy armament to any point in the ‘verse where we see the need. While the members of the wing each serve their own orgs, as a group we owe allegiance to none. When devastation is required, you’ll know where to find us.

DISCORD chat/voice channel 42NDBOMBER has been set up;

Never forget our motto:

“Fighter pilots make movies; bomber pilots make history.”


As primarily an advocacy group, we are open to any Citizen who wishes to support the development of the Retaliator in all its forms. We expect that most members will not have the 42nd as their primary org, but we hope that the camaraderie provided by like-minded individuals will encourage you to participate and enjoy the bond experienced by bomber pilots everywhere.

We recognize that some Citizens will have more time to contribute than others. Our rank structure is therefore quite loose:

  • Captain: Any pilot who is active in the Wing, contributing to the support and development of the Retaliator
  • Commander: Any Citizen who owns a Retaliator of whatever model
  • Lieutenant: Any Citizen who plans to own a Retaliator at some point during the PU
  • Warrant Officer: Any Citizen willing to serve as Retaliator crew (gunner, engineer, etc.)
  • Ground Crew: Any other Citizen who wishes to stand with the pilots of the Retaliator and voice their support for this outstanding spacecraft

When applying, please let us know in which of the above roles you’d like to be placed.

In AC2.0, we will perform careful and controlled testing of all aspects of Retaliator gameplay, solo and multi-crew. The org will serve as a point of contact and gathering place for those pilots who wish to set up meetings to put the ship through her paces.

In the PU, we will operate as an unaligned wildcard squadron of heavy firepower, bringing destruction to the places we feel have the most need of it.

You are among the finest. The best of the best. We welcome you in our ranks.

The Pilots and Crew of the 42nd Bomber Wing