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Devils RELIANT Demons / 44DEMONS

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Devils RELIANT Demons
Live to Fly… Fly to Live


Devils RELIANT Demons is a Flight Club, or FC, established in the year 2946 after pilots returning home from a stint in the United Empire of Earth’s Navy. These men and women returned home to a some times hostile environment, looking for that sense of comradery and brotherhood that they enjoyed in their previous navy careers. Ranging from fighter pilots to freight haulers to cooks and medical staff, their is no one single category a DRD member must fit into. All are welcome.

Based on historical accounts, and of course the romanticized and often exaggerated stories of the Motorcycle Clubs (MC) found on earth in the 20th and 21st centuries, DRD shares the same club rank structures, rules, and nostalgic style that existed in these MC’s. Choosing the Reliant to replace the Harley Davidson motorcycles of the past, DRD members fly with the same passion for their machines that was found in these MC’s. Even though the preferred ride of a DRD member is the Reliant, ownership of a Reliant is NOT required. All pilots of various ships will be considered for membership.


Devils RELIANT Demons is a Club for Reliant enthusiasts. We are not a criminal organization, even though some members may choose to conduct themselves outside of the law. None of our members wrong doings are condoned by the Club. Reliant ownership is not necessarily a requirement for membership.

This is also a place for casual, Star Citizens to come for comradery, but mostly for security. As most casual players will probably have lower tiered ships, we may sometimes need a pack to protect ourselves and participate in higher paying-higher risk missions… As such, ownership of a Reliant series is NOT a requirement!!! All casual pilots, but especially lower tiered ship pilots are welcome to join!!!

Open to Suggestions for * Station to use as HQ * Artwork for page and logo for club in a motorcycle club style * Any rules or other general suggestions for the club * Youtube videos for page


Ultimately, there are NO rules for membership as of yet. If you want to play solo, play solo… If you want to group up for security or missions, then do so… While criminal activity is, of course, not condoned or encouraged by the club, it is also most definately not discouraged either.

My only requests for members would be to try help out a fellow member who may be in danger. Secondly, as this is a RELIANT enthusiasts club, I would ask members to regularly sign in to Spectrum and the Issue Council to encourage the devs to improve and debug this ship.