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Communicate. Participate. Advance.



The Four Aces Outfit is a multi-gaming organization recruiting players demonstrating mutual respect, team skill and the ability to have fun. Members play under the banner tag [4ACE] and take pride in the philosophy of success through equal parts fun and competitive gaming. The outfit focuses on utilizing military tactics and movement techniques with real-time adaptive leadership to overcome obstacles. The official outfit motto is “Communicate. Participate. Advance.” The training motto is “Organization. Discipline. Efficiency of Force.” The recruiting and member evaluation motto is “Teamplay and No Douchebaggery.”


The ideals of mutual respect, team play and fun surrounding The Four Aces came into being in 2003 with the release of Resident Evil: Outbreak with four players meeting to overcome the most difficult settings. A Steam group committed to those ideals was created in 2008 during the release of Left 4 Dead/Left 4 Dead 2 as members sought stable players to avoid team killers and other unsavory personalities in the public arena. In March of 2013, newly minted: The Four Aces Outfit made the jump from Steam to an official website after developing a committed following in Planetside 2 enjoying the values and leadership passed down from the outfit leader and creator: XanderWiFi.

In the years since modern creation, The Four Aces Outfit has enjoyed success in multiple gaming platforms as well as fundraising for St. Jude Children’s Hospital on occasion. Over this time the organization has raised thousands to purchase an “org only” fleet to spare members their personal ships.


The Four Aces Outfit draws quality members who enjoy maintaining a tight-knit community while awaiting the full release of Star Citizen. 4ACE membership is predominantly adult, with real life responsibilities but enjoy playing a diverse assortment of online platforms together.

Star Citizen is the next large scale MMO The Four Aces Outfit is engaging. The same successful strategy of training, organization, discipline and efficiency of force will be maintained as we work to slice our piece of heaven from the universe. Take advantage of the opportunity to get to know your teammates now before the release of this much anticipated game!


The Four Aces Outfit is a great option because realistic guidelines are maintained to provide members access to organized teamwork without stressing real life priorities. Officer demeanor is relaxed with a focus on enjoyable game play while maintaining standards of conduct. Quality is not sacrificed as strategy and cohesion are incorporated into activities. Individual skill can always be developed where a person’s character is not so easily improved…Good character is the first priority in all members recruited.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the highest quality teamwork experience to our members and affiliates in a fun, engaging and positive para-military environment. The Four Aces is also committed to maintaining excellence, respect, and integrity in all aspects of our operations and in our professional and business conduct. We strive to reflect the highest ethical and professional standards in our relationships with our members, affiliates, and allies. At the heart of our outfit is the development of a cohesive unit and to inspire new leaders to help grow the organization for years to come.


Gain a foothold on the Vanduul and UEE border and become privateers for the UEE against the Vanduul horde.

To begin we will divide our forces into small teams. These teams will consist of explorers or reconnaissance. The teams are going to locate possible locations for a base of operations. We have identified one possible star system. We will send explorers to search for clues and possible jump points to reach this system. Our reconnaissance teams will have two different missions. One will be to find possible pirate hideouts and footholds; the other will reach Vanduul territory and relay intel.

Once we have secured a Forward Operating Base (FOB) we will begin a full scale privateer venture which will include (but not limited to) the following types of missions:

  • Form a strike team and engage hostile Vanduul targets
  • Salvage Vanduul ships and outposts
  • Trade or smuggle salvaged materials into UEE, Banu, and Xi’an space
  • Escort miners into hostile Vanduul space where difficult to obtain minerals can be found
  • Trade or refine minerals and gases for trade
  • Defend our claimed territory and trade lanes
  • Hunt down enemies of The Four Aces
  • Provide escort for friendly organizations who wish to enter Vanduul space on short missions
  • Search for and identify high value Vanduul artifacts
  • Explore the star system of our FOB and adjoining systems looking for points of interest
  • Develop alliances with organizations who will not impede our progress

When not focused on these missions here’s a list of other 4ACE activities:

  • Create a racing team and compete in racing leagues
  • Explore other star systems
  • Participate in large scale trading
  • Take mercenary and bounty hunting missions
  • Mining and salvaging in non-Vanduul space

As we get settled in and start gaining credits for the outfit we will use those funds to purchase weapons, ammo, equipment, and ships for 4ACE missions. We will grow our reputation and the size of the outfit. As we expand so will our mission priorities as we focus on more areas and build economy nodes for trading.


Member Bylaws and Regulations

This is the guidance on conduct and participation as a member of The Four Aces.

Troll Clause

  • Conduct unbecoming of a 4ACE member. Members will not be disrespectful, antagonistic, demeaning or malicious to members, leadership or peripheral players. Even when antagonized, 4ACE members will ignore behavior until leadership decides to retaliate.

Teamkiller Clause

  • Treason committed against the outfit, leadership, allies or peripheral players. Intentional and malicious sabotage of allied and outfit members and equipment. Also includes collaboration with other entities to work against the ideals and vision of the outfit and/or leaders.

Command Clause

  • Insubordinate or disrespectful behavior towards leadership. Ignoring communication discipline or speaking out of turn. Questioning, ignoring or talking over leadership. Distracting from mission objectives or undermining leader’s authority in the squad/organization.

Rogue Clause

  • Competence over character is not the standard and teamwork is required. Individual skill is appreciated; however, the outfit is founded on teamwork and cohesion as the basis for tactics and game play success.

Recruiting Clause

  • All members are encouraged to invite friends into the outfit. They may do so with the understanding that friends share the same gaming values and beliefs. The Four Aces is a game networking community first for quality gamers to gather and avoid more unsavory public player types.

Training Clause

  • Training, tactics and cohesiveness is what sets The Four Aces apart from a gaggle. If full membership is desired, participation in training to learn the outfit tactics as well as develop new players is required.

Membership Clause

  • One monthly website login is required to be considered an active member. As a multi-gaming outfit participation cannot be tracked through every game and will be tracked through log in to The Four Aces Outfit website as the central location for news, events and information at Failure to adhere to the monthly login requirement without written notification of an absence with estimated return time will result in expulsion to maintain an active community.

Event Clause

  • No members will be required to attend events if not online to do so. Members online and present during the time of a scheduled event are required to attend.

Appeals Clause

  • Members may appeal any punitive decision for review. To appeal a decision dictated by a member of leadership: provide a written message pleading your case to any other Officer you trust with details enclosed for a second review.

Reprimands Clause

  • There are consequences for violation of stated clauses. Minor reprimands typically follow a three strike rule of verbal warning, written warning/counseling and finally demotion/expulsion. Cases resulting in immediate expulsion will be reviewed on basis.

Loyalty Clause

  • If found to be on the side of the opposition working against outfit endeavors you will be subject to removal. Applicants found to be part of opposition outfits/guilds/clans will not be accepted and expected to cut ties before being considered to become a member of The Four Aces Outfit.

Whiner’s Clause

  • Any member at any time may initiate the Whiner’s Clause. Every member on at the time is limited to THREE publicly voiced complaints over communications. Any more than THREE may result in removal from channel and/or disciplinarian action. Clause is initiated by robustly stating: “THE WHINER’S CLAUSE IS NOW IN EFFECT.”

Profit Clause

  • If any profit garnered through utilization of outfit members, its sanctioned media and events/games therein will be donated to the outfit funds to be utilized to maintain guild infrastructure. A partial exception to this is if you own a streaming channel (youtube, twitch) from which you gain income as a result of entertainment provided by outfit members, events and media it is expected that you share some of those funds with the outfit to assist in maintaining infrastructure and thus, channel viewer pleasure.

Outfit Art Clause

  • Multimedia, art and imagery created involving the outfit in any shape or function will be provided shared rights to said creation to be utilized by the outfit in a manner of its choosing. Furthermore, the reaper logo and the diamond decal are copyright protected imagery having been purchased by the outfit leader: XanderWiFi. Permission to use this imagery is dependent upon final version approval of all media prior to its release by the outfit leader when utilizing these pieces.

Affiliate Organization Cause

  • 4ACE membership requires that the organization remains as your “main”. Affiliate organizations are permitted as are secret affiliations. All affiliations must be reported to an officer. Some assignments will require affiliations with other organizations. Keeping affiliations hidden will be grounds for removal.