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The Four Aces / 4ACE

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Communicate. Participate. Advance.



The Four Aces Outfit is a multi-gaming organization recruiting players demonstrating mutual respect, team skill and the ability to have fun. Members play under the banner tag [4ACE] and take pride in a philosophy of success through equal parts fun and discipline. The outfit focuses on utilizing military tactics, protocols and procedures with adaptive leadership to overcome obstacles. The official outfit motto is “Communicate. Participate. Advance.” The training motto is “Organization. Discipline. Efficiency of Force.” The recruiting and evaluation standards motto is “Teamwork and No Douchebaggery.”


Since 2013, The Four Aces Outfit has enjoyed many events of victory and fun across multiple platforms such as Planetside 2, Ark, Squad and now Star Citizen. The organization enjoys fundraising for charities such as St. Jude Children’s Hospital and occasionally raises funds to help fellow organization members. It is an organization that has stood the test of time will continue for years to come.


Star Citizen is the 4ACE official game of choice. As a member, you can expect to see 3-4 weekly events; bi-weekly training events; bi-weekly member meetings; 1+ monthly PvP operation coordinated with other organizations. To The Four Aces there is no waiting “for persistence” or “more progress.” This organization will enter persistence trained, ready and running. Will you?


The Four Aces Outfit is a great option because of the emphasis on organized teamwork without stressing real life priorities. Our scope of operations will include nearly every aspect of Star Citizen through the Enterprise, Discovery, Combat Arms and Acquisitions Divisions that are organizing now.

The Four Aces Outfit is an 18+ adult organization with zero tolerance towards drama or malicious behavior. Individual skill is appreciated but good character is standard for joining the organization. You will be expected to participate in events and training. Join a group that is active and participating now.

Out of 80,000+ organizations our activity ranking is consistently in the top 1% of Orgs.

Hop in with us today in Discord! –


Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the highest quality experience to our members and affiliates with a structured, team oriented, fun environment. This is accomplished by weekly operations focused on training or specific activity within Star Citizen. The Four Aces Outfit is committed to maintaining excellence, professionalism and integrity in all organizational aspects from operations, member relations, diplomacy and business conduct. Our core objective is the development of a tight knit community inspires new leaders and members to participate for years to come.

Within Star Citizen, our organization values fall within the realm of chaotic neutral. We value our freedom and independence and have no wish to impede on other individuals pursuit of happiness within the ‘Verse so long as it does not impede upon our ventures or objectives.


The first objective will be to raise the 4ACE Expeditionary Fleet with our Kraken, Idris and multiple Hammerheads forming the core. This Expeditionary Fleet will fly to the edges of UEE controlled space and establish a base of operations with the assistance of the fleet Pioneer. This 4ACE base located on the frontier of space and UEE control will act as a “last stop” and defensive buffer from the murky unknown for allies and friendly players. Additionally, it will be our safe harbor taking advantage of limited UEE support while maintaining close striking distance against the Vanduul. Upon completion, organization divisions will begin conducting operations within their scope of expertise.

These divisions are:

Leadership Division Focus:
  • Operation Development
  • Training and Strategy
  • Alliance Support
  • Diplomacy
Enterprise Division Focus:
  • Trade and Sales
  • Cargo Transport
  • Mining and Transport
  • Legal Business Dealings
Combat Arms Division Focus:
  • Territory and Base Defense
  • Escort and Ground Security
  • War Support (Alliances, Mercenary)
  • Bounty Hunting
Acquisitions Division Focus:
  • Privateering for UEE
  • Technology Salvage and Sales
  • Goods Smuggling
  • Illegal Business Dealings
Discovery Division Focus:
  • Route Reconaissance and Cartography
  • Extraterrestrial Diplomacy
  • Mineral Discovery
  • Science, Research and Development

Individuals may select a primary and secondary division to expand their palate should they choose. An example of how these Divisions function together for the overall success of the organization is as follows: Discovery Division members recon a large Vanduul fleet based abroad and provide the coordinates for a good staging area. Leadership Division forms a tentative plan and releases an OPORD. Battle and Acquisition Divisions move to the staging area, Battle moves forward and defeats Vanduul enemies. After securing the area, Acquisitions moves forward and salvages the Vanduul’s advanced technology. Battle and Acquisitions Divisions move back to home base. Mercantile Division takes the salvaged technology, minerals and components and ships to buyers closer to inner space with Battle Division escort.


Member Bylaws and Regulations

This is the guidance on conduct and participation as a member of The Four Aces.

Troll Clause
  • Conduct unbecoming of a 4ACE member. Members will not be disrespectful, antagonistic, demeaning or malicious to members, leadership or peripheral players. Even when antagonized, 4ACE members will ignore behavior until leadership decides to retaliate.
Teamkiller Clause
  • Treason committed against the outfit, leadership, allies or peripheral players. Intentional and malicious sabotage of allied and outfit members and equipment. Also includes collaboration with other entities to work against the ideals and vision of the outfit and/or leaders.
Command Clause
  • Insubordinate or disrespectful behavior towards leadership. Ignoring communication discipline or speaking out of turn. Questioning, ignoring or talking over leadership. Distracting from mission objectives or undermining leader’s authority in the squad/organization.
Rogue Clause
  • Competence over character is not the standard and teamwork is required. Individual skill is appreciated; however, the outfit is founded on teamwork and cohesion as the basis for tactics and game play success. Be present in communication channels when playing and join the team during operation events.
Recruiting Clause
  • All members are encouraged to invite friends into the outfit. They may do so with the understanding that friends share the same gaming values and beliefs. The Four Aces is a game networking community first for quality individuals to gather and avoid unsavory public player types. Open discord links are posted within the RSI Org page and Outfit Information page on discord.
Training Clause
  • Training, tactics and cohesiveness is what sets The Four Aces apart from other organizations. If full membership is desired, participation in training to learn the outfit tactics and standards is required.
Membership Participation Clause
  • You are required to attend at least one organized operation per month. We understand real life comes first and if you are unable to fulfill this requirement (family death, moving, job loss, etc) please request to be placed on the away roster with organization leadership. You will be rejected from the away roster if you continue participation in other venues demonstrating that you are simply choosing not to participate.
Event Clause
  • No members will be required to attend more than the minimum required events if not online to do so. Members online and present during the time of a scheduled event are required to attend. Failure to do so will result in immediate expulsion from the organization.
Appeals Clause
  • Members may appeal any punitive decision for review. To appeal a decision dictated by a member of leadership: provide a written message pleading your case to any other Officer you trust with details enclosed for a second review.
Reprimands Clause
  • There are consequences for violation of stated clauses. Minor reprimands typically follow a three strike rule of verbal warning, written warning/counseling and finally demotion/expulsion. Cases resulting in immediate expulsion will be reviewed on basis.
Whiner’s Clause
  • Any member at any time may initiate the Whiner’s Clause. Every member on at the time is limited to THREE publicly voiced complaints over communications. Any more than THREE may result in removal from channel and/or disciplinarian action. Clause is initiated by robustly stating: “THE WHINER’S CLAUSE IS NOW IN EFFECT.”
Family Clause
  • The majority of members are adults who have families, jobs and children. Should a member have small children or sensitive ears nearby they reserve the right to announce “FAMILY CLAUSE IN EFFECT.” During this time all participants will make every effort to keep adult themed discussions and behavior to a minimum.
Profit Clause
  • If any profit garnered through utilization of outfit members, sanctioned media and events/games therein will be donated to the outfit funds to be utilized to maintain guild infrastructure. A partial exception to this is if you own a streaming channel (youtube, twitch, facebook) from which you gain income as a result of entertainment provided by outfit members, events and media it is expected that you share some of those funds with the outfit to assist in maintaining infrastructure in return for increasing your channel viewer pleasure.
Outfit Art Clause
  • Multimedia, art and imagery created involving the outfit in any shape or function will be provided shared rights to said creation to be utilized by the outfit in a manner of its choosing. Furthermore, the reaper logo and the diamond decal are copyright protected imagery having been purchased by the outfit leader: XanderWiFi. Permission to use this imagery is dependent upon final version approval of all media prior to its release by the outfit leader when utilizing these pieces.
Affiliate Organization Cause
  • 4ACE membership requires that the The Four Aces remains as your “main” organization. Affiliate organizations are permitted but membership must be publicly visible. All affiliations must be reported to an officer. Some assignments will require affiliations with other organizations. Keeping affiliations hidden will be grounds for removal. The Four Aces Outfit only maintains affiliates as allies within the ranking structure.