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Roberts Space Industries ®

501st Legon Magellans Fist / 501LEGION

  • Organization
  • Casual
  • Exploration
  • Freelancing

501st Legion, Magellans Fist
We are the Legion, We are Vaders….ahhh…….I mean….Magellans Fist!
We are a Corp/PMC dedicated to Exploration, Mercantile and Mercenary work.


Magellans Fist was created with Exploration of the unknown in mind. The Stars are as hostile and unforgivable as the New World of Old. We are a group of Explorers, Traders and Mercenaries who have banded together though the reaches of space with a single goal: Through Friendship and teamwork, anything is possible.


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Members are your family
Space is Hostile, Treat the unknown as such.
If in doubt, shoot first.
Trust is earned, not given.