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Need protection, gun for hire, recovery of stolen goods, delivery to a hostile zone with precision?

610 Tactical Services… honoring the contract to the death! We are there for you when you need us with the commitment to quality you have come to expect.


610 Tactical Services: A Tale of Two Brothers

Soon after the birth of the second one, the two brothers were abandoned and left for dead on a seemingly desolate planet. Before they succumbed to the elements they were found by an intelligent, but reclusive, race of non-humanoid aliens. The training they received from their new caregivers combined with the planet’s inhospitable conditions created a tough duo more than prepared for the UEE Navy’s demanding training program. Both became known for their prowess in space flight combat and on foot while they served with the prestigious Squadron 42. While they believed in the Empire’s mission, they were frequently frustrated by the political nitpicking that prevented them from doing what they knew was right for the galaxy. With this in mind they left the Navy after years of distinguished service and formed their own armed men for hire company committed to eradicating the evil in the universe while using their income only to buy better guns and tougher ships.

Always following their higher purpose, today 610 Tactical Services is the system leader in hired security and mercenary work. They are known for their promptness, trustworthiness, and generally lower cost services that has earned them this excellent reputation. 610 can get the job done in any situation. They specialize is small scale ambush techniques in space and on the ground but can take on any job you can throw at them.

The brothers do a great job as a pair, but they cannot help but think of the missions they could take on if they had more men. To this end, 610 Tactical Services in now on the lookout for up and coming pilots and foot soldiers who share their belief that they can make a difference in the universe and who want to be a part of the 610 family. If you are interested in becoming a leader for the good in the ‘verse, apply now by sending one of the brothers a message talking about your skills and experience with the subject line of “I Wish to Make a Change in the Universe”.


Welcome to 610 Tactical Services

About our Contracts:
We are known for being flexible, but we will always request a 50% non-refundable down payment and then the other 50% after the successful completion of the mission requirements as stated in the contract.
We will ALWAYS HONOR THE CONTRACT, even if that means our death in the process.

Below are our sub groups. Having them allows us to further specialize to your exact needs.

610 Tactical Protection

Summary of Services:
You’ve come to the right place. The mercenaries of 610 Tactical Protection have been trained to give our customers excellent care for a reasonable price. We offer a wide range of services from shipping convoy protection to armed bodyguards to everywhere in between. If it needs protecting, we are your solution.

  • Armed Ship Escort and Guarding:
    Protection of high value assets in space with our state-of-the-art combat ready ships.
  • Armed Trooper Escort and Guarding:
    For when you need some extra protection on the ground, on a space station, or on a larger ship.
  • Bodyguards:
    One on one protection for any kind of situation.

610 Tactical Forces

Summary of Services:
Specializing in small scale guerilla warfare, 610 Tactical Forces are your answer for when something, or someone, needs to be taken out.

  • Bounty Hunting:
    Being targeted by a pirate? We can help with that. On the form make sure you check your preference for alive or dead.
  • Intelligence:
    We can discretely collect any information you may need.
  • Ambush:
    We are known for our swift and powerful attacks.
  • Infiltration & Sabotage:
    Great for softening up the enemy prior to the larger engagement of forces.

610 Logistics Services

*HZLS Certified: (Hostile Zone Logistic Specialists)
We have the shipping vessels and support fighters to ensure the delivery is successful.

610 Conventional Warfare

Summary of Services:
Sometimes you just need some extra help in your next battle. We are also willing to provide any sort of help when it may seem too risky for your own ships and crew.

  • Heavy & Light Fighter Wing:
    We provide any sort of ship to ship combat whether you want lasers or jamming signals.
  • Infantry Support:
    Highly trained and experienced mercenaries kitted out to your needs.
  • Infantry Deployment:
    We make troop insertion and movement easier than ever.
  • Precision Strikes & Bombing:
    Air to Ground, Space to Ground, Ground to Ground, or whatever else you may need.

Our Ships
We will tailor our ships to your mission’s requirements. ** Not all ships are listed **

Roberts Space Industries:
2 – Aurora MR
1 – Constellation Andromeda
1 – Polaris

Anvil Aerospace:
2 – Carrack
1 – F7 Tracker
3 – F7A Hornets
5 – F7-M Super Hornet
1 – Gladiator
1 – Crucible

Aegis Dynamics:
2 – Sabre
1 – Redeemer
1 – Starfarer Gemini
1 – Eclipse

Drake Interplanetary:
4 – Dragonflies

1 – Prowler

1 – Ursa Rover

Have a question? Have a need for a service not listed? Send us an inquiry and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

**The fine print:*
610 Tactical services will not conduct in illegal business activities.

610 Tactical Services in not responsible for any lost assets which includes, but not limited to, ships, cargo, and lives.


Join while you still can!

  • NOTE: There is a member cap for SixOneZero. We are building a small elite org.

610 [SixOneZero] Policy and Rules

  • Respect all 610 members
  • Drama free Org
  • Do not participate in illegal activities in the ‘verse
  • Always honor the contract with your life

610 (SixOneZero) Member Benefits

  • The contract is split evenly to the members involved in a contract whether you live to complete the contract or die attempting to fulfill the contract.
  • Access to the Org’s ships. (Will be available once the Org hangar is completed. Current fleet below.)
  • You have the support of the 610 when needed

TeamSpeak 3 Access

  • IP: – (*Must be member to access)