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6ix Squad / 6IX

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    Bounty Hunting

This is 6ix Squad. We are a group of both casual and hardcore Star Citizen players! We welcome all new and seasoned players. No requirements on occupation or missions. We squad up to do missions and cause chaos across the Galaxy. Join the discord here —->


6ix Squad, built upon a Syndicate platform. Created to become the ones who can be feared, but trusted in honor. Even when your base of operations, mining facilities or even your outposts are being hit by that Javelin from a far. This syndicate was built to succeed and will continue to succeed with the amount of accumulation of assets that has been started. While in the space you feel safe, the operation of the syndicate is there no matter if you see it or not. Coming to the fear within your gut when you sense the 6ix Squad coming, or when you feel honored to be offered to initialize your start in the platform we’ve all created.

Coming to the point of the Thugs and their Enforcers to eliminate their targets and complete their work orders. Hurting a Thug, will cause the outcast of the platform that is being created the death sentence. Death will compare the Honored from the Outsiders. Completing an Hunt order, on an outsider that has hurt a fellow family member inside the 6ix Squad will come with a great feeling from the Enforcers who continue to strive for their Thugs. The trust of a thug to a thug, is completely even. They’re brothers and sisters on the platform that the Chiefs have created. Making sure the Chiefs are happy, is a special role within the platform. Creating the space for Captains of all types of individuals within the verse. Earning the utmost trust with the Chiefs and unlocking the knowledge of the path that the 6ix Squad is heading on is the true goal.

The goal of 6ix Squad comes down to being a platform who will welcome any outsider who wishes to become a family member. May the outsider be a Miner, Space Trucker, Bounty Hunter, Industrialist, Pilot, Gunner, Courier, or even a civilian. The 6ix Squad welcomes you to the family. They will continue to help from all positions of the platform to protect you, or even support you in the times you need a family most.


Within the 6ix Squad, there are many different Thugs, Enforcers, Captains, and Chiefs. From all sorts of lifestyles and knowledge. Even when you come into interaction with the 6ix Squad, you’ll understand that you’re walking into a big family who will support one another. No matter what planet, moon, or even station you reside in. The many platform members will succeed when following the main manifesto under the 6ix Squad.

Understanding the contingent plan and understanding what you and the platform is working towards. From Hunters, Industrialists, or even Civilians, you will always treat them the way you want to be treated. Your fellow, Thugs, Enforcers, Captains, and Chiefs are like a brother and/or sister to you.

No matter what circumstance you end up in death, prison sentence, or even capture. You will never disclose the plan of the 6ix Squad. Disclosing the secrets or even the end goal of the projected course that we are currently indulged in will result in a punishment.

Continuous support towards the fellow brothers and sisters of the 6ix Squad, will undermine how you can be the part of the platform correctly. With the platform always expanding and never having a limit to one certain task. You will always have a place in any, or all platform specializations.


Into the depths of the dark moons and the hostile space, there is a group that resides under the oath of a Syndicate. The 6ix Squad, a squad built around the platform to create an environment in your local space that you can fear and honor them. This Syndicate was built under a single Chief’s order with multiple roles being held and earned.

Coming from the bottom of where everyone will begin to earn your name in the Squad. Thugs, the individuals you truly don’t want to screw with. From murders to civilians that have a history. While continuing the long list of danger zones that the Thugs of the 6ix Squad come from. You will never feel safe with the first introduction of any of the brothers or sisters of the family that the 6ix Squad is bonded as. Containing the thugs with a concept that many will understand after being a thug for many years or decades of space travel and what knowledge they assist the platform in.

Entering the platform with a slight respect and honor token, from the masters of Thug rights. You have your Soldiers. Soldiers coming from lifestyles that can be confirmed to be honorable. Having a thug begin the path of becoming a Soldier will let them succeed into the syndicate platform and have the utmost respect for the knowledge and specialty that they know. Don’t let them fool you thinking a soldier is for war or an attack, many of the platform soldiers can be from any type of role and grade inside the 6ix Squad.

With the platform being so sturdy and overcoming each step of the travel of space, the role of a Patched. Is key within the hierarchy of the 6ix Squad. Being patched within the syndicate platform, will confirm your loyalty. Loyalty is rewarded with honor and the utmost respect as a continuous support from what is being created by the 6ix Squad. Cancel out the hatred you have with honor and never disrespect your family. You will succeed within the squad.

Continuing onwards with the syndicate platform that 6ix Squad is creating inside the verse. You have Enforcers, the individuals of the platform who have the knowledge of a thug. Yet has a complete understanding of what the path is for the platform. No matter what way of life the Enforcer is, you never dismiss the enforcer without an honorable message. No one enforcer will be the best, each are the same grade as every brother and sister of the platform. May it be an enforcer or thug. They’re all equal.

Captains. The simple role of a simplified leader of the syndicate platform that is within the hierarchy of the 6ix Squad. Attending the meetings and social events will continue the strive to keep the peace within the platform with other platforms or corporations. Understanding that a captain will have a strict line on what they perform for the platform. They organize within the knowledge of the Thugs, Enforcers to keep a balance on tasks and complete orders for the production and path the 6ix Squad is heading.

The ultimate, or also known as the highest grade of the Syndicate. Chiefs, the ones who lead the 6ix Squad. Including the founders of the squad. Coming from all lifestyles, even coming from life sentences of prison, to escapees of the maximum security prisons. The sight of a chief is an honor, and to be on a mission or task with them is even more an honor. No matter who you are. A Thug, Enforcer, or Captain, you will always spend some time with a Chief in your lifetime.

Continuing the Squad’s organization and platform structure, there is always a home for you and a place to increase and add into this Squad. As it is always changing and continuing to pursue to create a syndicate platform that is different from them all.