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The Fatherhood / 7725

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You heard right — you don’t need to be a dad.

We’re a large, community-focused group of pilots who schedule their gaming time around their families or careers.
Dads, mums, husbands, wives, busy career professionals – you will find a home here.

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The Fatherhood aims to bring together pilots to wing up for a multitude of activities. These range from community events, cargo runs, bounties, mining and salvage runs, and more! You can fly safe, knowing that we look out for one another, and have some fun with friends along the way!

We are the largest Elite Dangerous squadron and our Star Citizen group has grown to be a second family.
Our main rule is “Wheaton’s Law”, Don’t be a dick! These ideals have been brought with us as our brothers in arms find their way in this new galaxy. o7

Want to fly with The Fatherhood? Apply to the Org and Join Our Discord!
Just mention that you’re here for Star Citizen when you arrive in the airlock.


Our Ranks Explained

5Wing Command: Are made up of The Fatherhood’s Wing Command and Wing Council to run administrative functions and Org relations. In game, Wing Command will help organize large scale events and action plans. WC ranks would not be expected to fill the functions of a Captain’s role until they have meet the requisite conditions of the ranks below it.

4Captains: Are our in-game leadership that take the initiative to organize members and the logistics that come with group operations in the Verse.

3Commanders: Are our mentors and most capable supporters. They’re the members that will take lower ranks and newer players under their wing, show them how to fill their rolls, and help them understand what makes the Verse tick. During operations Commanders are a Captain’s most valuable asset as they have what it takes to execute a Captain’s commands without additional instruction or supervision.

2Lieutenants: Are our members that are familiar with and proficient in Org operations, tactics, and the inner workings of the game.

1Ensigns: Are our members that have been vetted and determined to live up to the ideals of The Fatherhood.

0Cadet: Are our recruits fresh out of the airlock.

Promotions: Are done on a case by case basis. An increase in rank is achieved when a member of a higher rank recommends a lower ranked member for promotion. This recommendation then has to be seconded by two additional members of a higher rank and finally approved by a member of Wing Command to be granted. If any of the three recommending members are Wing Command, no additional permissions are required. Typically a rank requires the member to meet the requisite conditions of all the ranks below it.
Demotions: Are performed at Wing Command’s discretion.


The Fatherhood Code of Conduct

- General -

This Code of Conduct is binding for any member of The Fatherhood. It may be amended or clarified as needed. If you need clarification on any point in the CoC, please reach out to Wing Command.

◈ Always follow Wheaton’s Law of interpersonal relationships, ‘Don’t be a dick”.
◈ Be respectful and inclusive
◈ Help your fellow org members
◈ Don’t be afraid to ask for help
◈ Always follow Star Citizen’s Terms of Service. (We endeavor to set a good example.)

- Combat -

NO COMBAT LOGGING. In combat, terminating the game, interrupting the game’s network connection, or any other way of disengaging that is forbidden by the game’s ToS, is strictly prohibited.
NO GRIEFING. The Star Citizen Fatherhood organization defines griefing as causing another player, their property, or their time, unsolicited harm without it being for self defense or financial gains. Griefing of any kind is prohibited.
◈ In the event that someone has a CrimeStat, or registers as “red”, they are fair game just as you would be.
◈ Please remember that a new or passive player may register as “red” through no fault of their own and have no intention of doing harm. Should you encounter a law abiding citizen under these conditions, Wheaton’s Law applies.
◈ If you have the ability, we highly recommended you record your PVP engagements to protect yourself from false claims of griefing or combat logging.

- A note about Piracy vs Griefing -

◈ Pirates are after cargo, loot, ships, and/or money. Pointless killing, destruction, or hindering under the guise of piracy is easy to identify, it’s not cool, and it breaks Wheaton’s Law. So don’t do it.

- Dual Membership -

◈ We don’t require The Fatherhood to be the only Org you’re a part of but we do require our members to adhere to The Fatherhood’s CoC whenever in game (or on Spectrum) no matter which Org you’re playing with at the time.
◈ We also request that you set The Fatherhood and all other Orgs you are a part of to “Visible” and keep them that way while you are with us. Exceptions will be on a case-by-case basis and discussed with Wing Command.

- Fatherhood Name and Representation -

◈ You are free to mark yourself as member of The Fatherhood in various places on the Internet.
◈ We kindly ask you to keep up the Fatherhood spirit of being respectful in all your interactions.

The use of The Fatherhood name in the name of personal servers, channels, pages, etc, is not permitted without prior approval of Wing Command. Please reach out to us if you have any questions.


- Disciplinary Actions -

COMBAT LOGGING: If judged to have combat logged, your first offense will receive a formal, recorded warning. Second offense is an immediate expulsion from the Org.
GRIEFING: You will be served a warning on your first offense, and expelled on your second offense.
◈ Disruptive / Anti-social behavior, violation of other parts of the CoC: You will be served a warning on your first offense, and expelled on your second offense.
◈ Any warning given with a warning already on record may be cause for expulsion.
◈ Any member in a leadership position that receives a warning will be subject to demotion back to the ranks.
◈ In addition, actions that are cause for immediate removal include: acting for another group considered hostile; making real life threats to any other player; engaging in any illegal behavior (such as DDOS or doxxing).

Particularly egregious violations as well as any actions outside of those listed above will be dealt with on a case by case basis at the discretion of the Wing Council.