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88th Naval Division / 88TH

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‘Everyone Fights , No One Quits”


The 88th Naval Division is a part of the multi gaming | 88th Armored Division | We have members from all over the world and we endeavor to create a strong presence in the Star Citizen Universe .
The | 88th Armored Division | Rose from the ashes of a previous clan , Originally a very large core group migrated together , Since then we have had members join us from many other clans to create the great environment we have today.


We at the | 88th Naval Division | First and foremost intend to have fun ,
We will explore this expanding universe and conduct ourselves with integrity and honor .

Our Goals

  • To Create a fun atmosphere and promote the RPG experience
  • To Create A Strong Military Presence
  • To Never Back Down To ANY Oppressive Force Within The Star Citizen Universe
  • To Explore All Different Areas Of Gameplay eg: Mining , Exploring , Military , Trading Etc
  • To Uphold The Principles That Our Clan Was Founded Upon
  • To Be The Best At What We Do

Our members have backgrounds and experience in a variety of gaming genres including RPG , RTS, FPS ,MMO , And MMORPG , and the skills and experience will translate into an advantage will we use to the fullest .


General Rules –

  • All Members Of The | 88th Naval Division | will at all times represent our organization through the use of tags |88TH| , Ingame and on forums.
  • All members of the | 88th Naval Division | have the right to defend themselves , their clanmates , friends and allies from derogatory or negative remarks and actions within the boundaries of mature acceptable behaviour .
  • All members are entitled to there opinion in regards to fleet operations .
  • Any unacceptable behaviour by any member of the | 88th Naval Division | Will be dealt with by a superior officer as deemed nessecary .
  • It is the responsibility of all members that any and all materials found on any of our forums are to be kept private .
  • Racism , Fachism or any other kind of prejudice will not be tolerated .
  • All members have the right to be treated with respect .
  • Members will at all times respect that their behaviour and actions reflect not only them but the entire fleet , and will make decisions about their actions/behaviour accordingly

Fleet Policy

  • Any Complaints and/or problems with conduct of our members is to be brought to the attention of the ranking officers and will only be replied to by said officers .
  • Any Cheating / Hacking Ingame will not be tolerated , and any member/s caught doing so will be immediately dismissed .
  • Any And all Alliances are to be respected by all members and attacking / insulting allied forces is unacceptable and will not be tolerated , any negative actions taken by allied forces are to be reported to a ranking officer immediately .
  • Our TS / Forums and any other fleet / clan resources are to be respected at all times .