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Roberts Space Industries ®

903rd Marauders / 903RD

  • PMC
  • Hardcore
  • Security
  • Freelancing

The ‘Verse is a dangerous place. When things get too risky, we’ll be there to take out your enemies, save your friends, and take on any other jobs you might need. You have credits, we have solutions.



We are currently focusing on training and preparing ourselves for all the fun and chaos the ‘verse has to offer.


The 903rd Marauders is a gaming community founded in 2013. With over 900 years of experience and tradition, the Community has a strong core and structure, and offers a number of excellent multiplayer gaming experiences in a number of different games.

However, the 903rd’s PMC is something different. With the release of Arena Commander, many of its members became addicted. Many were inspired to sign on with Squadron 42, where they discovered that the talents they had developed in Arena Commander and its expansions carried over quite well in the cockpit.

After leaving the service, these members elected to found a new division, a division playing out in the real ‘Verse. With surprisingly few casualties, other than Herby (who despite being a ghost still is quite involved with the community), the PMC has been quite successful, and the 903rd anticipates many successful years causing trouble and helping out the good guys.



Whether you’re a new pilot doing the haul from Terra in your first Aurora, an 890 Jump captain in need of on-board security, a Constellation owner trying to scout and explore Vanduul territory, a Privateer whose competition has gotten a little too tough, or you’re none of the above but need some security anyway, we offer a variety of affordable and customizable service packages to meet your needs.


We emphasize strong teamwork and organized teamplay, while also allowing for mobility and fluidity. We enjoy supplementing strong core fundamentals with unconventional and creative tactics to keep our enemies guessing. Everyone contributes, and everyone benefits.


We want to have a fun experience, and we hope to provide one for our clients as well. Our mercenaries aren’t simply an aggressive backdrop focused on killing things—they are also entertaining and interesting people who will make sure that your journey is both fun and safe.


We want the best of the best. We want strong pilots, crewmen, infantrymen, traders, explorers, scouts—everything. We believe being the best involves being a strong team player. We all do better when we trust the people watching our backs. While we’re always eager to bring on those with experience, we’re also willing to train those wanting to get better. A willingness to contribute to the community, to work in a team, good synergy with existing members, and willingness/ability to use voice comms are essential for potential applicants.

Recruitment is currently CLOSED in this division until Star Citizen is further along in development. Members seeking to join the 903rd community may do so via one of our open divisions.


Standard Operation Procedure

The Star Citizen SOP will go here once it is written.