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907th / 907TH

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The 907th is home to Alaska’s 907th!

From the frozen North to the vacuum of space. We were born in the cold, now we fight there.

Alaskan gamers unite!


The 907th has a rich history on Earth’s Northern Hemisphere. Originally conceived as a multinational planetary defense force in 2042, as Earth’s defensive needs changed, as did the needs of the 907th. With Earth’s expansion into space, mankind was pushing its borders and defenses deeper into the cold vacuum of space. That’s where the 907th did their best fighting.

Because of their advanced training in harsh environments, the 907th paved the way into many unexplored regions of space and were first in the fight in many encounters.

Now centuries later, and retired as a military unit, the 907th continues to push boundaries as a self-sufficient Private Military Company operating on the fringes of UEE space but ready to heed the call wherever and whenever they are needed. Much as they did centuries ago.


The intention of the 907th is to be a positive organization and home to Alaskan players and their friends. We will be involved in all aspects of Star Citizen’s universe and all current and former 907 Gamers are welcome to apply.

We are the frozen chosen

We pledge to our brothers and sisters flying to either side of us, that we will do all in our power to make their time in the universe as rewarding as possible. From the casual player to the hardcore roleplayer there is room in our ranks.


Starting as a Facebook group in 2013, has been the home for over 11,000 gamers lucky enough to live in or have lived in Alaska. The group has exploded in size. We’ve expanded the group well beyond Facebook into different networks. In addition to Facebook, we have a Steam Group, Discord server, YouTube channel, and Channel.

907 Gamers is also one of the most successful fundraising teams for Extra Life United in North America with over $200,000 raised for 2015 – a sum which won us and the Providence Children’s Hospital the ESA Per Capita check for an additional $30,000.

With all that is involved in it’s natural for us to take to the skies with Star Citizen and continue uniting Alaskan players worldwide.

To find out more about 907 Gamers and our presence in the Star Citizen universe please visit us at

Alaskan Gamers Unite!