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Roberts Space Industries

Affinity Aerospace / AAERO

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At the Affinity Aerospace Corporation, we endeavor in all activities and services. Our goal is to empower your mission.

Whether you’re seeking our services, or would like to join us, see what we can do for you!

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Our History has yet to be written…

Join us, as we embark on our journey to become a Commercial Empire.


Affinity Aerospace

Empower Your Mission

At Affinity Aerospace, we strive to be the best, and provide the best. To provide for those within our organization, as well as those outside of it.

We believe great organizations are driven by purpose, not just by profit.

Our employees are the most important asset to our organization. Without them, our purpose and goals cannot be achieved.

Fairly paying and appropriating our employees is part of our core beliefs. Those who provide, will be provided for.


Affinity Aerospace

Providing What You Need

Affinity Aerospace will endeavor in all activities to ensure success in both short and long term with the primary focus being in lawful activities. However, if necessary, will endeavor in unlawful activities.

Affinity Aerospace has multiple Divisions which are a key factor to the organization’s success. The Divisions along with their roles will follow:

Military Division

  • Focuses on all activities that include combat. Stays within the law.
  • Handles security focused activities.
  • Provides protection to both our other Divisions/Organization, as well as clients who contract our services.

Engineering Division

  • Focuses on all activities that include engineering, resources, and science (this includes medicine). Stays within the law.
  • Handles resource production/exploitation, repairs/maintenance, and scientific research/medicine.
  • Provides our organizations resources, ship/structure repairs, ship/structure creation/modification, research science, and medical needs.

Expedition Division

  • Focuses on all activities that include exploration, expeditions, and scouting. Stays within the law.
  • Handles scout missions, exploration of new space, and planetary expeditions.
  • Provides our organization with intel on areas of interest, potential base/installation locations, and aids in expanding our Organization’s territory.

Transport Division

  • Focuses on all activities that include transportation of goods/passengers, freight shipments, and cargo transportation. Stays within the law.
  • Handles all activities that include the movement of assets and/or passengers.
  • Provides our organization with supplies, income from transport jobs, and provides transportation services to our clients.

Covert Division

  • Focuses on all activities that can be profitable to both the employee and the organization. Usually involves small crews or individuals to complete an activity. Activities are typically outside of the law.
  • Handles any activity that requires small crews or a single individual. This includes but is not limited to Bounty Hunting, Smuggling, Piracy, as well as other activities deemed fit for our Covert Division.
  • Provides our organization and our clients any services which are needed that are outside the scope of of our more focused Divisions. If Affinity Aerospace needs a job done that may deviate from legality, we will employ our Covert Division to accomplish the desired task.