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Ad Astra Horizons / AAH

  • Corporation
  • Casual
  • Freelancing
  • Trading

Forward, for all Mankind.
Beyond the stars, to new horizons.


Born of the vision of six individuals, the Ad Astra Horizons Corporation formed in the Stanton System in 2949 after meeting on a joint venture from separate employers. Realizing the skills and resources each could bring to the table, they soon came together with their own fortunes and worked out roles each will preform.

Starting small they worked Ad Astra Horizons into a stable point to where each board member was at the head of their own division, separate from one another; only coming together on decisions that effected the Corporation as a whole or if one division was preforming operations in the others jurisdiction. During the rare event of ties in the board, a seventh member, free of loyalty to any one division, will break the tie. This management style allows for the vast growth in each division, mostly unhindered, but not unchecked. These decisions involved making deals with groups like the Otoni and other not as controversial groups in order to allow the range in which the AAH operates.

New members now how the option of what division they wish to participate in but are not limited to staying in one field, often encouraged to explore to find their place as we all carry each other to the stars and beyond.


- Exploration
•Solo or with a group, Exploration is a key part of AAH’s goals. Finding a path through the verse to uncharted or lost systems in the idea of forwarding mankind’s progress.
•Making our claim on the fringes of the verse is the secondary goal of our exploration ventures. •Obtaining resources to give to our science division to process and refine, which is then left to our Traders and Security forces to ferry back to the markets.

- Freelancing
•Solo or with a group, getting the job done is our objective. Client confidentiality is important and if the job pays enough, we won’t debate morality before the job is done, just don’t expect any help while on the job. These include Bounty hunting and mercenary work primarily. Lastly lay in the bed you make, don’t ask others to for you.
•Any job that goes against or interferes with another Organization or Corporation must be approved by the board before engaging.(This applies to operations overlapping another branches operations field as well.)

- Trade
•Resources and Manufactured supplies moving back and forth from the fringes of the verse is our main goal for supplying the Corporation with a stable source of monetary to fund a number of projects the AAH has for the future.
•Being a priority, it is encouraged for other branches and members to assist the traders whenever possible as it is advantageous for the AAH as a whole.

- Intelligence
•Operational oversight on all branches to allow input and strategic insight, but does not alone have the power to cancel an operation without approval of the branch leader, otherwise they can initiate a vote of the board on making a decision.
•Outside operational oversight, this branch focuses on data collection and information brokering. Trade routes and even sensitive information can be profitable tools when used by our intelligence branch.

- Diplomacy/ PR
•Calm and collected individuals are needed for this branch as they are often the face of AAH when interacting with individuals of the verse or other larger groups. Loyal to the AAH, these individuals will do their best to arrange deals to keep AAH independent but still part of the large group dealings in the verse.
•As well as handling PR, these individuals also will be the ones to address many issues or complaints that may arise in the AAH itself. But never overstepping their boundaries when sorting out a resolution when dealing with other divisions.

- Science/ Medical
•Refining and pushing boundaries, the core of our science division. These two goals allow us to keep exploring to see what new things can be discovered and made for the good of mankind.
•Outside of the push to discover new things in the verse, our medical branch is a subsection of our science. Using technology to heal our injured and sick so the men and women of AAH continue into the stars and beyond.

- Security
•Unlike our Freelancing branch, this branch is dedicated to protecting the AAH’s assets, such as Mining, refining, and trading.
•On occasion, the security force may be tasked with guarding the primary assets of allied Organizations or Corporations.


- Real life expectations
•Real life comes first, no exceptions. We recognize members have their own lives and issues and do not want being in a Organization to be a ‘Chore’ for people. We are all here to have fun.
•No drama, I don’t feel like it needs to be explained but it brings nothing but distrust, anger and hate into the group and no one wants that.
•It is NOT required to donate in any way, besides your time, to help the group. Money is money, we aren’t gonna tell you how to use it.
•Questions are always welcomed, new or old, this game can be complicated so it helps to be there to answer questions each other may have.
•Communicate with the Staff/PR branch if you have issues in game or in real life. As a group we want to avoid rumors or heresay. Honesty goes far and being open on what is going on avoids misunderstandings, so in short don’t be afraid to ask.

- In game expectations
•Being responsible for your own actions. We do not defend people who go out of their way to make trouble with others. You will be on your own to sort the situation out.
•AAH operations are a group effort, with that in mind everyone is held accountable in these situations, including the board members themselves.
•In group operations it is important to be able to rely on those who are partaking, it is not an obligation for someone to include themselves into the situation they did not start.
•Operations that overlap into another branches authority must get approval from the head or have board members vote in favor of the operation. Any activity done without approval will result in temporary to permanent role loss in the organization.(We don’t mess with each other)

A final note for both RL and IG, please respect the chain of command. It is setup so we can stay as organized as possible so everyone can benefit and enjoy this game.