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World's Away Regulars / AARTAN

  • Syndicate
  • Casual
  • Role play
  • Freelancing
  • Smuggling

An old, handwritten sign hangs crooked on the door, it’s sloped script starting to fade in the dim bar-light.

“Private club room, World’s Away Regulars Only!”

You look more closely and notice someone has scratched in a note just beneath.

“Club room closed. Try the World’s Away Forums.”


Welcome to WORLDS AWAY, the solution to your ‘confidential delivery’ needs!

Our organization uses Independently contracted professionals to provide fast and reliable transport of material & information for our select clientele. We accept contracts working in potentially hazardous systems, transporting exotic goods, and handling ‘sensitive’ information. We even have specialised crews who carry out salvage and mining jobs, if the price is right!

So the next time you or your Organization need something taken care of, don’t call a “Transport” group… contact WORLDS AWAY, the Delivery Specialists!

Disclaimer: Please note, we do NOT accept any jobs involving overt acts of piracy. Any contract found to require or involve such acts will be considered null and void.


You want to know about the Regulars do you? Sure, I’ll tell you what I know, if you pay my tab and keep your voices low.

It started in a bar much like this one, the “World’s Away” it was called. A right popular place for ship Captains and their crew to gather, drink and grumble. Most came for the strong drinks that were never watered down, or the local grub always served fresh. A hot meal and a cold drink are heaven on Terra for most after a long voyage. But there was always one or two who were drawn to that shack by the name behind it, Talon Korsairre!

Yes that’s right, the famous smuggler from all those Advocacy Vids on Terra. The man so fast and slippery not even an entire sector of Advocates could catch him! He was the owner of World’s Away you see, and the persistent rumours about him never failed to bring around the occasional tourist. Of course in the end they were also his downfall.

The Advocacy don’t like looking incompetent. Old Korsairre had made them look fools during his career and when the rumours of his retirement choice reached the wrong pair of ears, well…. life became very difficult for the bar’s staff.

When the authorities seized the establishment, “in the people’s best interest”, the bar’s regulars saw it as the last straw. Many of them were not exactly the most reputable of folk you see and when they lost their favourite watering hole, well, that pack of loners actually put aside their differences and set out for payback.

Led by the great Talon Korsairre himself, they launched a serious of daring, high profile raids on government assets in the system. Rumour is they even took down an Advocacy prisoner convoy! Eventually they made situation so embarrassing for the authorities that they had no choice, the man who had been hunting Captain Korsairre was demoted and removed from his command.

The World’s Away Regulars had succeeded in their goal. But rather than be content with their victory, they figured they could be more successful if they could stick together.

So now there’s a bunch of dangerous, highly skilled Captains flying around in their own strange sort of loose-alliance, and there doesn’t appear to be anything the authorities can do about it. As long as they’re led by the brilliant Captain Korsairre I don’t think they’ll ever be caught.

What’s that? Well of course they’re still regulars at a bar! But I aint gonna tell you which one, if I did that they’d have to kill me!


The following rules must be followed by any Captain associated with the Guild at all times:

1. Support and aid each other whenever possible, in accordance with previous verbal agreements.

2. If you move a Fleet ship, leave a note describing where you’ve parked.

3. Do not leave any Guild assets parked near the event horizon of a black hole! I will NOT be paying to replace another Cruiser if this happens again!

4. If you engage in “illicit” activity, remember to smile! We have a reputation to uphold.

5. Do not “borrow” other member’s ships without permission! Tygarus complains to me every week that someone keeps adjusting his chair height and I’m sick of it!

6. Do not hand out location coordinates for our meeting places to strangers or business associates.

7. Do not mention the Guild or any other Captains by name if questioned by Authorities (or Journalists).

8. Follow all Standard Pre-flight Procedures and double-check any cargo is secure – This is a condition of membership, as per Verbal Agreements!

9. Have fun.