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Association of Capitalists, Explorers, & Soldiers / ACES

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Welcome to ACES!

The Association of Capitalists, Explorers, and Soldiers.

The oldest and first player-made org in the Star Citizen Universe!


The ACES founders believed that a fully democratic player organization is stronger, more resilient, and more fun to be a part of.

Now, we can proudly say we have fulfilled that vision for over SEVEN years!

You won’t find the usual guild elitism, favoritism or drama here. Our leaders are freely and openly elected at the highest level. They are ordinary members like you, not entrenched “royalty” who hold you back, demand lockstep obedience or treat you as their personal posse and piggy-bank.

At ACES, you will find an organization where everyone has a voice and a seat at the table. We offer unparalleled opportunity and a better Star Citizen experience you simply won’t find anywhere else.

As a member of ACES you won’t sacrifice your freedom, you will exercise it. You will be a vital part of something big from your first day, and there are no limits on what you can achieve!

So read on, friend, and come join the party!


The object of this Society shall be:

1. To provide a framework where individuals can attain success and acclaim in Star Citizen.
2. To promote its members equality and individuality.
3. To promote democracy in the Star Citizen universe.
4. To coordinate the various professions of our members in Star Citizen.
5. To uphold and protect the laws of the United Empire of Earth.
6. To promote and nurture its members’ interest in video games.



The Association of Capitalists, Explorers and Soldiers (ACES) is a democratic organization that values the contributions and individuality of each of its members. It is composed of an equal union of peers. Through its members combined strength by mutual association, members of ACES will be able to attain their individual goals by playing Star Citizen how they want, when they want.


The name of this Society shall be The Association of Capitalists, Explorers, and Soldiers.


The object of this Society shall be:

1. To provide a framework where individuals can attain success and acclaim in Star Citizen.
2. To promote its members equality and individuality.
3. To promote democracy in the Star Citizen universe.
4. To coordinate the various professions of our members in Star Citizen.
5. To uphold and protect the laws of the United Empire of Earth.
6. To promote and nurture its members’ interest in video games.


Section 1. Membership Eligibility and Admission Procedure. Anyone with an interest in Star Citizen is eligible for membership. The membership will be composed of real-life people, not in game characters. Alternate characters of a member must still abide by this constitution. Anyone who wishes to become a member will submit a Membership Application on the website, and will become a full member upon acceptance by a Website Administrator.

Section 2. Resignation from Membership. Any member desiring to resign from the Society shall submit his resignation to the Executive Councilman via Personal Message.

Section 3. Member Duties. Members will:

1. Be law-abiding members of the United Empire of Earth. Citizenship is not necessary or preferred. Engagement in unlawful activity is grounds for permanent expulsion from the Society.
2. Have the same rights and privileges as every other member.
3. Be professional in their dealings and strive for excellence.
4. Respect their elected leadership and their appointed officers. Problems should be submitted to the Council for adjudication.
5. Not engage in bribery. Both the briber and the receiver of the bribe may be expelled from the Society.
6. Be loyal to the Society. Treason or being a member of another Star Citizen guild will result in expulsion.
7. Not intentionally harm any other member, or by in-action, allow any member to come to harm if assistance was possible. Members are obligated to assist other members in whatever capacity they can, within reason, unless it will mean their certain or likely death.
8. Not harm law-abiding humans through violence or dishonest practices under any circumstances.


Section 1. Councilmen and Duties.
The councilmen of the Society shall be an Executive Councilman, two Capitalist Councilmen, two Explorer Councilmen, and two Soldier Councilmen. These councilmen shall perform the duties prescribed by this constitution and the parliamentary authority adopted by the Society.

Section 2. Councilmen Compensation.
The councilmen will receive compensation for their position on the Council ONLY with the approval of a majority of the members. This privilege must be renewed by a vote every three months. Council members will be compensated after their term is completed. If they resign or are impeached, they will not receive any pay.

Section 3. Nomination Procedure, Time of Elections.
Any member wishing to run for office will announce their candidacy in the Election section on the website forum. This section will be open to all members starting fourteen days before the new term, until the start of the term (December 18th – January 1st, March 18th – April 1st, June 17th – July 1st, September 17th – October 1st). This does not preclude the section being available for longer.

Section 4. Ballot Election, Term of Office, Removal from Office.
The councilmen shall be elected by ballots cast on the website forum to serve for 3 months or until their successors are elected. Their term of office shall begin quarterly (January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, or October 1st) at midnight GMT. Councilmen may be removed from office at the pleasure of the membership as provided in the parliamentary authority.

Section 5. Office-Holding Limitations. No member shall hold more than one office at a time, and no member shall be eligible to serve more than two consecutive terms in the Council.

Section 6. Executive Councilman.The Executive Councilman will:
1. Coordinate the actions of the other branches of the Society.
2. Manage the administrative and bureaucratic functions of the Society.
3. Be responsible for recruitment and promotion of the Society to the larger universe.
4. Organize cooperation between the Society and other organizations.

Section 7. Capitalist Councilmen. The Capitalist Councilmen will:
1. Be responsible for the trade and industrial activities of the Society. This includes business ventures operated directly by the Society, as well as coordinating trade and cooperation between ACES members.
2. Be responsible for the mining, manufacturing, production, trading posts and stores of the Society.

Section 8. Explorer Councilmen. The Explorer Councilmen will:
1. Be responsible for the exploration operations of the Society.
2. Disseminate the information and intelligence gathered by explorers to all members.
3. Work closely with traders and explorers not only to find new systems to access, but also to discover new opportunities.
4. Manage scouting and bounty-hunting operations.

Section 9. Soldier Councilmen. The Soldier Councilmen will:
1. Coordinate the military functions of the Society.
2. Manage the security of the Society assets, and protect the members.
3. Work closely with the other branches to coordinate escorts and fire support for traders and explorers entering unsecured territory.
4. Manage and coordinate combat operations against pirates or other threats to the Society’s security.
5. Coordinate training exercises and keep the Society’s military assets ready for combat.
6. Manage private wars against guilds who threaten the Society’s security or attempt to bar the Society’s access to trade routes. The decision to declare war will involve the entire Council.

Section 10. Officers. The Councilmen may appoint officers to help them in their duties. Except for officers appointed under the Executive Councilman, all officers must be accepted by both Councilmen holding a particular office. Only the elected Councilmen can vote on the Council.

The Council:

Section 1.

Council Composition. The seven Councilmen of the Society shall constitute the Council.

Section 2.

Council’s Duties and Powers. The Council shall have general supervision of the affairs of the Society, make recommendations to the Society, and perform such other duties as are specified in this constitution.

Section 3.

Council Meetings. Unless a special meeting is requested by four or members of the Council, all Council business will take place through the website. In all Council meetings, parliamentary procedure will be suspended and the meeting may be conducted in any way seen fit by the Executive Councilman.

Section 4.

Assets and Donations. The Council will be responsible for the management, use, buying, and selling of group assets. The Council will also be responsible for administering the Society’s donations. Contributed money will be spent on the improvement of the Society, its buildings, its website, and its fleet for the benefit of all members. All transactions regarding the Society’s assets and donations will require a five vote majority in the Council. The only exception to this is when a member donates funds or assets to be used for a specific purpose. Then, the donator’s wishes will be honored.

Parliamentary Authority:

The rules contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern the Society in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with this constitution and any special rules of order the Society may adopt.

Amendment of the Constitution:

This constitution may be amended by a three-quarters vote of participating members. The voting for all amendments shall be open for fourteen days on the website. The Executive Councilman will post a site announcement on the website and private message all members informing them that a bylaw amendment is being voted on.