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Astra Coriolis Industries, Inc. / ACII

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“ Praemia Virtutis Honores”

Astra Coriolis Industries, Inc., where efficiency meets professionalism. An industrial corporation with the means to secure a large stake in the developing markets. Join the industry, apply today.


Our Board of Directors will unveil our official corporate statements soon. Please come back for updated information.


“ Praemia Virtutis Honores”

We are an industrial focused corporation based near Stanton (3a), Lyria, moon of ArCorp. We comprised of miners, traders, entrepreneurs and a multitude of professionals looking for their fortunes. We three divisions currently, Management, Business Operations and Security Operations. While we have our executive positions filled at this time, we are always looking to expand our corporation with like-minded individuals.

Our industrial interests include various mining operations, trading ventures and an ever expanding entrepreneurial efforts. We have a separate division dedicated to the security of our operations as well. In an ever changing atmosphere these divisions will expand and be added to in due time. Future plans for expansion are already in development.


Code of Ethics

1.1 Contribute to the verse in a positive way.
1.2 Avoid harm. Harm to the organization, or harm to others is counterproductive to the professionalism and ethics we strive to uphold. Defense of the corporation’s assets from imminent danger and the defense of unarmed citizens is the only exception to this rule.
1.3 Be honest and trustworthy. Trust is a limited resource. Do not waste your trust on deceitful action. We must be honest in all forms of business and professional appearance.
1.4 Respect. The verse is full of diversity. Do not show discrimination towards any entity that is deemed honorable. Respect all forms of expression and do not engage in disrespectful immaturities.
1.5 Honor confidentiality. Our corporation depends on a high level of honor and in that sense a high level of professional confidentiality. We must hold our clients and ourselves to the highest standards of these principles.

2.1 UEE Laws. Maintain an understanding of the boundaries of the law and do not intentionally violate these, as they will have an ever present effect on the corporation’s reputation. Consider every action as an extension of the corporation and act accordingly.
2.2 Accept counsel. If subject to critique or counsel from your leadership structure, accept these statements as chances to improve and uphold our standards to a higher degree of professionalism.
2.3 Allow debate. Understand that we all look at each situation presented with our own set of intellectual processes. We are all entitled to a cordial discussion so that we may better understand the opposing views of others. Do not take debate as a challenge. Take debate as an opportunity to learn from one another.
2.4 Perform work only in areas of competence. Only take on tasks from other divisions with the express permission of your division’s leader.
2.5 Foster public relations as a form of outreach and commonwealth. Understand that every interaction is a chance for prosperity and also a chance for failure. Do not take these interactions lightly.
2.6 Design and conduct activities with professionalism and proficiency. Know your craft.

3.1 Articulate, encourage acceptance of, and evaluate fulfillment of the responsibilities of those in your command.
3.2 Manage personnel and resources to enhance the quality of your subordinates’ terms of employment.
3.3 Articulate, apply, and support policies and processes that reflect the principles of the bylaws herein.
3.4 Create opportunities for members of the corporation to grow as professionals.
3.5 Use care when modifying or retiring systems. SOPs will change over time, do not make such changes in haste.
3.6 Recognize and take special care of systems that become integrated into the infrastructure of the corporation.
4.1 Uphold, promote, and respect the principles of the Code of Ethics.
4.2 Treat violations of the Code of Ethics as learning experiences, lead by example. Gross violations and repeat offenses will be treated as violations of corporation bylaws and disciplined as illustrated in Article I, Section 3 in translation to application of all members of the corporation.