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From giant magnets to two ton anvils, there isn’t a product or service that ACME Corporation is unable or unwilling to provide…..for a fee.


“Like Wile E. Coyote, as if the fall wasn’t enough, those bastards at ACME, they got more nasty stuff!”


See our “Manifesto”, and “Charter” tabs for meaningful 1’s and 0’s!

ACME Corporation’s propulsion and weapons experience date back to a time when Humans were still a terrestrial-bound species! Through continuous improvement we have only gotten better!


p. All board members have previously flown together as a proven, effective team in other space combat simulations. With a combined tactical and logistical space warfare, as well as traditional terrestrial warfare experience in various combat sims exceeding 50 years, ACME Corporation (ACMECORP) is poised to become as recognizable in the Star Citizen Universe as its namesake is in early American animations. p. As the game is currently in its early stages ACME CORP’s aim is still quite flexible. some current ides for possible ventures is the modification of weapons for sale on the open market. There is also a strong desire to do a great deal of exploring also. Pirating is not currently in our sights per se, but isn’t off the table. Free lancing services are defiantly an option we are looking into once we know more about how the different story and game mechanics are going to work. p. We have a small number of ships, a single constellation, Retaliator, some Aurora’s, a Cutlass and a Mustang. We think this is a pretty good balance of commerce/utility vs firepower and protection. another aspect we are looking forward to is multi-crew ships and being able to work together as a team on the same ship or number of ships. p. In closing, we are a small group of friends who are flexible in the direction our org will take in the PU, and fun is the most important part! We are taking a wait and see attitude at the moment and enjoying learning from each other in arena commander and playing as frequently and real life allows, typically every night!


As an organization, our goal is to have fun! As a group of individuals our goal is to continuously improve ourselves as well as other members of the organization. We aim to achieve these goals through cooperative game play, reciprocal altruism, patience, and an understanding that we are a gaming family. It is imperative to the gaming family that members recognize that real life comes first. It is imperative to the gaming family and the organization that members respect each other. It is imperative to the organization that any future concerns be discussed in an open dialogue in order to redress any issues, private or public, that might adversely affect the enjoyment of other members during game play.