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Addiction / ADDICTION

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For all interested parties please contact us via our website Addiction Gaming


To begin the application process please first create an account on the corp website and fill out an application.

Important Information

  1. Organization Website
  2. Discord

A Brief History

Remember that game you played way back when, that whenever the subject comes up you can’t shut up about it? Those few guys you played with.. and kicked everyone’s ass with? Yeah.. we’re those guys.

Addiction is a MMO organization and gaming community that has successfully transitioned through 17 MMO’s and counting. Our original leadership has retained and grown our core member base over the last 10 years and we are always looking for more skilled and loyal members.

Addiction has a deep list of accolades and accomplishments. Our recent conquest, RIFT, landed us as the #1 progression guild worldwide with our first raid boss kill in under a week after launch, and 2 weeks before any other guild. The culmination of our launch efforts landed us at 3 times the amount of content completed first in the world over rival guilds. Addiction was named “hardest of the hardcore” by RIFT’s executive producer Scott Hartsman for its track record in RIFT. Addiction maintained its position as the #1 raiding guild in RIFT for three years before leaving the game.

In addition to our RIFT accomplishments we were also a world first progression guild in Age of Conan, again congratulated for our accomplishments by the developers. We have been the top guild on servers since our inception in Everquest 2 and have carried this through not just new MMO launches but to established servers such as an original launch server in World of Warcraft, where we cleared all content 6 weeks after rolling on the server. We returned to Everquest 1, where we progressed through all 15 expansions over two years, downing bosses that had previously never been killed at the appropriate level cap. We held top leaderboard positions in Darkfall on launch for kills, damage to buildings, etc. In Tera we achieved 6 Prime titles for first max level characters on the most populated server. Continuing that vein, Guildwars 2 earned us server first max level again, as well as first Commander. In ArcheAge we were again the dominant guild on our server, achieving a world second Kraken kill, yet another first to max level, and numerous PvP victories.

Beyond our PvE achievements we regularly utterly destroy or consume guilds. Repeatedly killing our enemies until they quit the game is not uncommon. Its hard to quantify PvP achievements so you’ll simply have to take our word for it that our PvP proficiency matches our listed accomplishments. Guilds that win don’t fall apart; we’re 10 years in and still going strong.

Addiction is primarily interested in MMO’s, but our players don’t limit themselves to a specific genre in-between MMO titles. The Addiction ranks are filled with Platinum ELO League of Legends players, Master league Starcraft 2 players, and sponsored MLG players in multiple FPS titles. Our members have been top 5 CAL-I players in Counterstrike: Source and Call of Duty 4. We have also held #1 ladder positions for more obscure titles such as Company of Heroes, and most of the Socom series.

Our members have a deep history in MMO’s and gaming in general, in many cases with roughly two decades of experience in the genre spanning practically every title you can name. We have members who have come from well known guilds such as Paragon from World of Warcraft, Ne Plus Ultra, Dracos Argent and Dissolution in Everquest 2, and Pandemonium in Everquest 1, to name a few. It is not uncommon for Addiction members to discover they used to play together in a previous guild from years past.

Many of our members have highly distinguished backgrounds but we value loyalty and dedication equally as much.



Girlfriends come and go, but LTI is forever


Privileged information accessible to members only


General Expectations

  • We at Addiction abhor drama and have a strict no-drama policy. Instigating anything that is remotely considered drama will not be tolerated.
  • We expect all of our members to follow common social conventions, but as this subject is filled with grey areas you are expected to use your better judgment in related situations.
  • Disputes or problems with other members or the guild itself must be dealt with through private channels only. Public rant posts will not be tolerated. You are entitled to express yourself, but must do so to the right people.
  • Bickering between members is not tolerated and it will be the problem instigator who will be dealt with accordingly.
  • You are expected to uphold a reasonable level of respect towards your guild mates at all times. They are, after all, the ones who have your back.
  • Avoid conversations about Religion, Racism, or Politics in public channels as one never knows who is listening, and what their personal views might be. We enjoy a mature atmosphere in Addiction, but if someone is offended by something you are doing/saying and asks you to stop you are expected to stop immediately. As we are a multi-national guild with people from many walks of life it is very likely you will encounter a guild mate who says something that you find offensive. We strongly encourage our members to try to be understanding, or ‘roll with the punches’ so to speak, as everyone is entitled to their own opinions.
Failure to abide by the above outlined rules will result in immediate and severe repercussions, up to dismissal of membership, and termination of life in the persistent universe. These rules are subject to change. It is each members responsibility to keep up to date on these rules