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Aegis Defense Group / ADGSC

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Professionalism and Fun, All in One.


Aegis Defense Group is a professional PMC group working to make gaming fun while enjoying the structure of a milsim. we have been on many games on multiple platforms over the years and always strive for professionalism in all fields.

We have been on games such as Battlefield 4, where we started out under the name Redcon Industries 1st Armored Division. during our time there we made a name for ourselves in the British and American communities as a highly reliable tank unit with highly aggressive tactics and high success rate.

We have also been on games like Elite Dangerous, Arma 3, Arma Reforger, and notably War Thunder.

Now we are looking to take root in the SC community after almost 8 years of operation. We hope to see you in the field pilot.


Aegis Defense Group, or ADG, is a multi-game “company”. We specialize in milsim work and even have our own divisions of each type. We strive to become a hub for people who want to have a good time, make new friends, or even just hang out.

Aegis Defense Group is a place where ideas are welcome, and bullshit isnt tolerated.


The rules are simple.

1: Act like an adult. If you cant act like an adult, you wont be treated as an adult and you’ll be swiftly kicked out of ADG.

2: RESPECT EVERYONE, disrespect towards anyone is an immediate timeout, treat others how you want to be treated.

3: Follow all orders given to you by those appointed over you, failure to do so is insubordination and grounds for but not limited to disciplinary action in the form of temporary demotion, permanent demotion, or removal from ADG.