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Roberts Space Industries

Aegis Dynamics Security Division / ADSEC

  • Corporation
  • Casual
  • Security
  • Freelancing

ADSEC operates as a sub-entity to Aegis Dynamics, offering primarily security and secure transport services. While there has been some speculation that ADSEC is a front for malicious activity, Aegis Dynamics does not fund nor support any entities participating in malicious activities.


ADSEC was originally founded in 2550, shortly after Ivar Messer’s rise to power. It was founded as a personal security detachment for Messer and helped establish the deep ties that Aegis Dynamics and the Messers had. Today, with the Messer Era over, ADSEC has refocused and now provides security for the general public, offering both secure goods transport as well as security escorts.


What we do:

  • escort civilian vessels
  • provide secure transportation methods

And we do it with a fleet of shiny Aegis Dynamics ships.


ADSEC members shall abide by all UEE laws. If members are found to be breaking UEE laws, they will be punished severely.

Aegis Dynamics does not take responsibility for the actions of any ADSEC staff, the responsibility lies with ADSEC itself.