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United Species Space Corps / AEGISDF

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The United Species Space Corps is an Independent self sufficient growing Organization run by military personnel from around the world, Denmark, Greece, Norway, Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States. New and experienced players are welcome.


Turning something frightening and once thought evil into something good – A military front is always a strong but scary concept and Throughout the development of time, in ones life that individual will make a decision to choose whether they will partake in what is occurring in the galaxy today, or to stand by and watch as innocents burn or the atrocities of government corruption takes place, perhaps they look to the stars to seek their fortune. Either way humanity starts small, just like we did. With two good men and a handful of credits, The United Species Space Corps has grown slowly and only accept those who look to do good in this Universe and defend the ones they love. We are mighty, we are valiant, and we are unstoppable. The United Species Space Corps will be around for even more years to come, whether you are interested in the fields of Science & Technology, Military and Exploration, or Trading and Manufacturing the goods that we mine from space and the ground below; we will accept you!


Over 15% of this Organization is composed of former or active military personnel from around the globe, we have respect for every individual and throughout the past four years we make sure we have a well respected Discord and a flawless system to communicate to each other with. Don’t be afraid to join simply because you feel like you won’t fit in, we take people who are willing to learn and play as a strong team no matter who they are military or not.

If you wish to be an affiliate please apply with a simple message why and we will be sure to have you added to our Discord.

Join The Corps! and check out our webpage! (USSC Main Website) Join the Discord here as well!

- Formerly known as Aegis Defense Force- We recruit the best of the best every player in this organization is unique, if you like movies, games and TV shows such as Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek, Aliens, Firefly, Mass Effect, Farscape, The Expanse and so much more then THIS is the organization for you.

I do hope that Matthew Adleta does not mind the usage of his video, for it is a beautiful representation of what is to come.


Once a new human is born unto this world they are not inherently good or evil. Their actions are what creates how they live, what they become, and what they foresee before them. We intend to explore our desires of the curiosities of the deepest sectors in Space, Defend the lives of all those who wish to request a savior to their service… that is to the best of our ability. We cooperate with each other, be it as a small family or a team. No matter the situation we are committed, Brave, Intelligent, and outgoing for no troublesome pirate or pathetic Vanduul enemy will stand in our way. We are as mighty as the enemy fears us to be.


- We operate in a relaxed environment keeping all of our members constantly updated on SC and practice with our more serious players, while we all know when to get serious, we aren’t demanding of our players times and will understand no matter what the problem at hand is.
Keeping the solid military infrastructure with civilian individuals and active or former military individuals makes for an Organization that simply must treat each other with respect and we have been doing so for the past five years. As we take the Best of the Best and help them become nothing but better.