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Roberts Space Industries

Aegis Military Corporation / AEGISMIL

  • PMC
  • Regular
  • Exclusive
  • Freelancing
  • Security

Contract us out, join us, do something. We don’t promote violence, but we aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty. We specialize in defense, however we can go on the offensive.


Created 26th of December, 2014


We aim to offer quality contractor work to our employers. Our motive is money, dead presidents… except Benjamin Franklin, he wasn’t a president. We will take almost any contract, however if the contract is not beneficial to us we will decline.


Apparently rules are needed in the off chance we get people without brains. # Don’t start a war between other PMCs that would be bad # Don’t blindly accept contracts # If a fellow member is in trouble offer help unless the situation is unable to be salvaged # Treat everyone with respect