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Aetherius Network / AETH

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The year was 2006 when The Founder looked up to the skies and saw virtue scattered amongst the constellations. The night are was still and clear, in the way that it only can be out in the middle of nowhere, and The Founder was struck by the familiarity of it all. As if the skies were reflecting cityscape lights, lights shimmered in pregnant nostalgia for households and homes.

The tenacity of stars is a thing to behold. Hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands of light years apart, reaching out, so desperate to be connected that they travel unfathomable distances to become pinpricks in each other’s sky. The Founder believed in the message of the stars, and set out to build that into a living, breathing thing.

The Aetherius Network began humbly as a simple way for people to communicate, but has evolved into much more. Now, we represent all walks of life, our membership representing couriers, privateers, and soldiers of fortune. Our stars have aligned to make a group dedicated to the ideals of supporting one another, because, when we support one another, we support ourselves.


We are brothers in arms
We will defend our ways
Peaceful, until you do harm
Then we’ll fight for days

We keep the good times here
And keep the bad ones at bay
With such a relaxed atmosphere
We let the sun shine every day.

A family bonded by trust
Where loyalty is shown
Even though its not a must
Man, we ******* OWN!!


We are a Drama-free zone. There will be times when discussions or civil debates may go too far, so try to keep in mind that there is always a appropriate avenue in dealing with disagreements and debates.

Disrespect or discrimination will not be tolerated. We are a international community from all over the world including Singapore, Malaysia, Philippine, United States, Europe, North America, Canada and etc.

If you have nothing good to say or type in Guild Channel, please refrain from saying or typing it. The Guild Channel is a place for us to socialize and be friendly. Please do not abuse it.

Seek out an officer in guild to help settle any dispute. Our Officers are generally more equip in handling disputes you may have in the absence of the guild master or vice guild master. The Leaders are sometimes quite busy with real life situations and other responsibilities, so we can’t always be on 24/7 to attend to everything that happens. This also means that people that are selected to be officers are expected to exhibit qualities fitting of a semi-leadership role.

No swearing excessively in guild-chat but in moderation is fine.

Try to help people if they have a question—don’t let them keep asking the same question repeatedly, We were all new to the game at one point as well