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AFD is a PMC, committed to providing professional private security services based on trust and confidence. Our team is made up of like minded individuals with unique skill sets. No task is beyond consideration.


In the year 2039. In the Sol system planet Earth, after the resource depleting conflict in Greece, Europe suffers from a new deflation crisis, leading the crime rate to a new peak in history. Members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Security Council were forced to react. Being a desperate alternative to overcrowded and prohibitive prisons, criminal offenders are now being sent to an island prison where criminals of all degrees are sent globally. This Island named “Altis” was the breeding ground for bandits, murders, and common petty theft criminals alike. The Assault Force Delta group was formed at this time by an unknown founder. They were a tight knit group of former military personnel sanctioned to exile that trained and worked together, eventually a large formidable group on the island. In 2075 Roberts Space Industries introduced the Quantum Core Engine Technology enabling humanity to travel our solar system with relative ease and in a few years AFD was able to obtain this technology and escape into space where AFD has since aligned with pirates and many like minded space organizations. Jumping back to 2125 AFD assisted in the search and recovery of the 4876 workers on Mars that perished during the terraforming catastrophic failure. It was at this point AFD had begun aligning it self with government as well. AFD had witness the 1st Starship in 2140 “The Zeus” and the evolution of space exploration. AFD records indicate that there was some involvement in the Nesco Triangle Search as an escort support role. Unfortunately data has been corrupt and we don’t know to what extent or specifics as to the role AFD played. In summary AFD has had a long heritage tracked back over 900 years starting as criminals and evolving to vigilantes and then as technology and society has evolved bounty hunters and combat escorts for transport pilots of goods and planet mining operations . Read our Manifesto to find more info about how AFD may help you today, and if your interested in joining AFD take a look at our Charter and feel free to submit an application.


Assault Force Delta (AFD) will leverage our unique skill sets, to support and accomplish our customers’ specific and customized needs by delivering the highest quality of professional private services based on trust and confidence. No corner of the universe is off limits to us. No mission is to great or too small; to remote, or too dangerous, no matter who you are we can help.

-Providing Armed Combat or Security Services
-Transport VIP (bodyguards)
-Freight (We can man your ship with armed CQB specialists, provide fighter escort services or both)
-Bounty Hunting (Fugitive Apprehension)
-Intelligence Retrieval
-Planet side facility security (company security patrols interior & exterior)
-More TBD

-Specialists in high value cargo
-Small to Large personnel or cargo loads
-Armed guards on ship and fighter escort transport services
-Private Investigations
-More TBD


ASSAULT FORCE DELTA (AFD) will Fly, fight and win in all environments with in the universe, committed to contractual obligations while maintaining an honorable and professional course of action.
We deploy willingly thru out the universe to the most remote and dangerous regions.
We excel at deterring aggression, protecting and securing assets and Fugitive Recovery (bounty hunting).

All aerospace and terrestrial locations within the universe, while providing the following services:
Bounty Hunting

We take responsibility for our performance on both sides of the scale.
Our leadership provides oversight and guidance to best serve our customers and teammates.
We honor the rights and beliefs of our customers, teammates and associates.
We treat others with honor and respect.

We encourage and enable our teammates and associates to develop innovative and pragmatic solutions to any issue that we or, our customers may encounter, no matter how extreme, while maintaining an honorable and professional course of action.
We promote and support diverse and unique individual skill sets within a unified team.

Join us in our Discord chat room and say hello. Voice coms for in-game use.