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Diplomats: moozaad, VTG


Armored Fist Inc. began its history in the Auraxian War as a small but highly developed mercenary company. During their days of service, their hired guns were a common sight on the tumultuous battlegrounds. Whether behind the merciless turrets of a Vanguard tank, the flight stick of a Reaver or just with a rifle in their hands, it was more than just weapons they brought to a fight – they brought assurance. Assurance that the job would get done.

After more than a decade of hard fighting, Armored Fist Inc. decided it would no longer renew its contracts with its employers. Their operatives were called back, their war machines withdrawn. They boarded their ships and took to the stars, in search of new fortune and new battles to fight.

Spirits were high when they reached the edge of the system – but they would go no further. At 1143 hours Auraxian Standard Time, the largest of the fleet’s ships were rocked by an intense barrage of fire. At the bridge of every ship, captains, commanders and fleet marshals alike gathered to watch their assailant’s swarm of ships coalesce before them. Before the first orders were even given, they all knew that this battle would be their last.

For eleven agonising hours, the battle raged as both sides lost ship after ship, man after man. As the last their great ships began to buckle, an executive Diaspora order was given. Shielded by the few remaining capital ships, every pilot left with a jump-capable ship fled the system while those without spewed their escape pods into the inky blackness.

More than twelve years later, a handful of veterans from that fateful day gathered their ships in the shadow of their former flagship’s scorched husk. It was decided that Armored Fist Incorporated would fight again – not only as mercenaries, but also as freelancers.

For the survivors, still drifting through space in their cryopods, or stranded in strange lands, they brought hope. For the fallen, their lives lost in vain on that terrible day – they would bring vengeance.


An oft-touted fact about security is that as the size of a given area expands, your ability to secure it diminishes. Nowhere is this more true than the endless void of space.

In the lawless vastness that is interstellar space, Armored Fist Incorporated aim to achieve one thing – prosperity through security.

As a specialist provider of security services both behind the gun and the flight-stick, we at AF Inc. give our clients the assurance that their interests are secure – and in turn, share in the prosperity that this confidence brings.


All Armored Fist personnel are required to adhere to the following regulations.

  1. Never cause permanent harm to or kill another AFI Operator. This includes dismemberment or otherwise permanently disabling any bodily functions.
  2. Chasing bounties on your own is not restricted, but discouraged. If your fellow squadmates are available, flying a mission with your squadron is safer. The same applies to security contracts.
  3. Contracts or activities involving the initiation of conflicts against other parties must be cleared with the Fleet Marshals.
  4. Treat others with respect, whether friend or foe. This means no insulting behaviour or generally being an asshole. Remember, you represent your organisation.