Roberts Space Industries


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We are one of the longest running Organizations in the Verse, specializing in deep space exploration and planetary survey.



AGB History

Since formed on Earth in 2001 by International Operators on the Battlefield, AGB CORP has become a serious force in the galaxy. Our Management team has been highly active in most global and galactic projects such as Battlefield series, WOW, EVE, Conan, SWTOR, ARK, Arma, Ghost Recon series) including direct involvement with other founding corporations of these projects. Most of these projects AGB has invested in our own hardware and resources.


Our Board of Directors will unveil our official corporate statements soon. Please come back for updated information.


New to The Verse? No worries!

At AGB CORP we focus on strong communication with one another. Our talented team here at AGB CORP are here to help you reach your maximum potential for your maximum enjoyment. We have training videos as well as those that want to join in professions or missions can come along for some on the job training.

The only rules, which will be strictly enforced:

  1. NO DRAMA – Treat each other with respect and dignity.
  2. No trolling others – internally within the organization, or externally.
  3. No affiliations with Pirate Organizations
  4. No criminal activities
The Board of Directors has released its official Command Structure:

Ensign – Introductory rank for those that are new to AGB CORP and/or to our AGB gaming community.
Lieutenant – A member who owns one or more Medium sized vessels.
Commander – A member who owns a Large or Capital ship.
Captain – An AGB CORP veteran who owns a fleet consisting of at least: one Capital ship & one vessel of Large size or better. Admirals will conduct operations and/or be entrusted with AGB CORP assets.
Admiral – An AGB CORP veteran of high standing and reputation. Generals will organize, plan, & lead AGB CORP operations utilizing Capital ships & assets.
Vice Admiral – Admirals who maintain the most elite galactic reputations. Joint Chiefs will administer AGB CORP assets & operations. Must be appointed by the Executive Leadership Team.