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Roberts Space Industries ®

Aaron Halo Mining Corp / AHMC

  • Organization
  • Casual
  • Exploration
  • Freelancing

The Aaron Halo Mining Company is owned and operated by ‘Sketto’ a freelance pilot, miner and explorer. AHMC is a group of independent freelance pilots with a common goal, to support one another when called upon! Join us and together we can find your place in the Verse!


The Aaron Halo Mining company came about when a freelance pilot ‘Sketto’ exploring Aaron stumbled upon Quantum deposits. Curious on the depth of these deposits, a detailed map was plotted of the Aaron Halo, as well some unique searching and scanning techniques to help locate these quantum fields.

After some extensive work, a detailed report was pitched to ArcCorp to mine and haul quantum out of the Aaron. It didn’t take long for ArcCorp to realize the benefits of the offer, so a partnership was established between ArcCorp and the freelance miners around ArcCorp. Since then quantum mining out of the Aaron Halo has been expanding as more freelance pilots seek to cash in on this new mineral deposits!

Recent jump point discoveries have brought us new opportunities! Planning has begone to explore new areas of opportunities! Bringing us back to our roots be reaching far out where few are willing to go!


Page Under Construction. Please check back soon!


Page Under Construction. Please check back soon!