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Roberts Space Industries

The Odin Frigate / ALLFATHER

  • Organization
  • Casual
  • Role play
  • Exploration
  • Social

For crew members of the frigates Odin and Thor.
Your captain is Viking / Wicing.
Together we’ll explore the universe!


The Idris-M type frigate Odin was acquired by Viking in 2943. The frigate Thor joined the stable in 2945.


Odin and Thor will be used for different tasks:

□ Operation Pitchfork.
□ Deep space exploration.
□ Trade / cargo hauling, mainly medicines and food to disaster areas.
□ Humanitarian missions, like evacuating people from war zones and stars going super novas.
□ Huge rescue missions, like after space wars, with accompanying search & rescue ships and ambulances.
□ Parties and other social events.
□ Viking’s and VSR’s personal base ship.


Odin & Thor, with their crew, will always operate on the lawful side. Everyone may apply for a job, but know that no criminals are welcome aboard. The organization is run as a naval military squadron, with a hierarcy of commanding officers from who you are expected to follow orders. It’s not a democracy. But fear not, if you do your job and behave then you’ll find the captain friendly and rewarding.