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Apollo Logistics and Munitions / ALM

  • Corporation
  • Regular
  • Role play
  • Engineering
  • Security

Apollo Logistics & Munitions specializes in manufacturing and acquisition of armaments.


ALM was founded to create a profit from the never-ending conflicts across the universe.

The board of directors have been together for years and numerous other games dating back to 2009.

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ALM consistently manufactures and acquires the highest quality munitions utilizing bleeding edge new technologies.

ALM has multiple divisions including logistics, manufacturing and security.

ALM seeks to be neutral in universal and corporation disputes, but will not hesitate to protect our business model with either political or aggressive tactics.


  • 18+ Only
  • Do not undermine the company’s goals and projects. Personal profiteering is allowed, but not at the cost of company business
  • RP encouraged but not required or expected
  • Affiliate members cannot advance above Senior Employee and cannot hold leadership positions
  • Real life comes first – Management realize this is a game, and will not hold it against you. Members are expected to understand this as well
  • We use Discord

Divisions –

  • Manufacturing
  • Security
  • Logistics

Ranks –

  • CEO
  • Board Member
  • Division Chief
  • Senior Employee
  • Employee
  • Intern