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Aurora Legion Of Nautical Exploration / ALONE

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“The sea is only the embodiment of a supernatural and wonderful existence; It is nothing but love and emotion it is the ‘Living Infinite”

~ Jules Verne 20th century Earth

“Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.”

~George Carlin


The Aurora Legion Of Nautical Exploration was formed In the year 2546 shortly after the Atrocity of Jata during the transition of the United Planets of Earth into the United Empire of Earth. With the Government focused on securing the gains at the end of the first Tevarian war and the liquidation of the Tribunal many citizens were left to fend for themselves. Four friends Donald Hoss, Mathias McKinney, Rory O’Connell, and Giuseppe Di’russo all Freelance Stellar Surveyors pledged to each other: If any one of them was in need, the other three would drop everything and come to aid of the one. This pledge was put to the test when Donald “the Don” Hoss was attacked when returning from a stellar survey mission. Don having been a very skilled pilot was able to evade the pirates until backup arrived. Word got around that for thirty minutes Donald Hoss taunted his pursuers saying “You think you can take me because I am alone, you should turn back now.”, “You are pathetic and I am alone.”, “You are running out of time, and I am alone.” Don later admitted he didn’t know he was broadcasting in the clear and was terrified. He thought he was going to die alone and his friends would not come to his aid, history proved this would not be the case.
Don made many friends and would promise to them what his friends promised to him:
Anyone who is a member of ALONE will never have to worry about being alone.
Giuseppe, Don, Mathias, and Rory created the wolfs head logo with ALONE emblazoned along the parameter brand and any pilot wearing the patch or displaying it’s Digital Id with their transponder would only have to broadcast that aid was needed and every member would respond in force.
To the Empire the Organization was registered as the Aurora Legion Of Nautical Exploration, this was done to avoid government taxes and to be eligible for a registered distress channel normally only given to government agencies such as the ICC Stellar Surveyors. Once the Empire caught wind the nature of what the Aurora Legion Of Nautical Exploration’s registered channel was used for, it was quickly reallocated to the ICC.
While no longer an officially registered organization with the Empire, rumors and whispers of the wolfs head ALONE Logo keep resurfacing through out the centuries. The descendants of the founding members and those that it has helped have kept the Organization alive.
We are ALONE!


Just a bunch of “Cranky Old Guys” wanting to have some fun and time away to ignore the family!
  2. This is just a game. A good but very ‘buggy’ game that has been in ‘Alpha’ mode since the Clinton Administration. But still, it is just a game! Our group commands respect and friendship to all We encounter. We wish reciprocation in kind.
  3. Free-Lancing means our Organization will take on any mission worth the excitement. It also means that the entire Universe is Ours for the taking. Fairness is our Mantra. Abbott and Costello have written the by-laws and we obey without waiver.
  4. Disrespect to our Organization will unleash a wrath of annoyance and a level of trolling of super-gaming proportions. It shall become our new Manifesto in life. “From Hell’s Heart we shall stab at thee! For all Gamers’ sake, WE shall spit our last breath at thee!”
  5. Resistance is futile – Your shields are useless – There is no crying in Space!

    • Don’t Fly Angry!
    • Don’t mix beer and wine, Ever!
    • It’s never too early for Flapjacks.
    • Don’t jump on a bike with the seat missing.
    • Have Fun and Game On!


Just a bunch of “Cranky Old Guys” wanting to have some fun and time with our gaming family!
  1. There will be no ‘ASS-HATTERY’ toleration of any type, kind, shape, or form! —-> Instant Kick!
  2. Hackers will be reported to the RSI-Gods and shall be subject to their levels of justice – No exceptions!
  3. Political, Racial, Ethnic, Religious or any other type of Liberal Arts conversations shall not be engaged on the game chat, regardless of your personal views or opinions. We have a Discord channel to vent your wrong way of thinking for that. Violations will have you banned for an unspecified period of time as determined by the Senior members of this Organization. — Senior members [ if found wanting ] will lose their status or be removed from the Organization. —
  4. There will not be any Ship-Envy amongst the organization of any kind. Everyone flies like trash and the bugs in this game puts everyone on the same level as a newbie-NOOB. Get over yourself and Game-On!
  5. Any member may recruit others for affiliation, but must go through a vetting and trial period before full membership. No Cardassians or Tribbles allowed. Stella-500 has the final say.