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Roberts Space Industries ®

Altair Luxury Transport & Services / ALTAIR

  • Corporation
  • Casual
  • Role play
  • Transport
  • Security

Tasteful travel to enjoy the simple pleasures of the universe.


Established in 2420, Altair Luxury Transport & Services was founded to transport diplomats, corporate heads, and celebrities between planetary colonies in style, and with discretion. For over half a millennium, Altair has provided first class service in VIP transport and high end shipping.


Altair Luxury Transport & Services is dedicated to transporting VIPs and high end goods to their destination, safe and sound, by utilizing a network of luxury ships, security detail, and available crew members to ensure that VIP clients and cargo are given the proper amount of attention required to transport them safely.

Our company specializes in:
  • VIP Escort & Security
  • Space Tourism
  • High End Good Shipping
  • Luxury Ship Rental

Individual captains are in control of their own luxury ships, which are maintained to the standard of the company. We also retain a pool of affiliates regularly available so the ship captains can make sure that cargo is given all the security that it needs.


  • Luxury Vehicles will always be kept in good condition, and outfitted with opulence expected of a company as old and illustrious as ours.
  • Employees must be polite and courteous to clients and each other, and are expected to genuflect to the client’s needs.
  • The greatest luxury is peace of mind. Our clients’ safety is paramount to the reputation of this company.