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A'care Mining & Reclamation / AMAR

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Welcome to A’care Mining & Reclamation, an employee-owned company providing our clients with the foremost asset retrieval and mineral survey capabilities in an increasingly complex security environment.

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Established in 2944 in the Greater Houston Texas Metropolis on Earth, A’care Mining and Reclamation was founded to extend deep space recovery and economic survey operations into non-permissive sectors of the known ‘Verse by utilizing the tactics, techniques, and procedures developed by the UEE military for high-risk asset recovery missions. Though originally started on the human homeworld of Earth, AMR transferred to the more remote planet of Stanton IV (New Babbage, MicroTech) to be closer to operations and further from the bureaucratic red tape of the UEE.


A’care Mining and Reclamation is a deep space salvage and prospecting firm that operates in some of the harshest, non-permissive environments in the ‘Verse. We specialize in the timely and tailored retrieval of our client’s critical materials of concern, in addition to low-observable prospecting and survey reports in compromised environments.

AMR was founded in 2944, in the Greater Houston Texas Metropolitan Area, Earth, to provide quality economic prospecting and material retrieval services in increasingly hostile space. We seek to recruit skilled pilots with experience in collection, security operations, physical sciences, and engineering. Our professionals come from a multitude of backgrounds, including astrogeology, law enforcement/military, logistics, and engineering to better serve our customer’s requirements anywhere in the ‘Verse.

Services Include:

  • Flotsam Reclamation and Analysis – Lost cargo, critical technology, human remains, and pre-incident datalog retrieval services are all offered by AMR in suboptimal regions often neglected by other recovery services. AMR will go to the ends of the known galaxy to recover your lost data, cargo, and most importantly, your departed loved ones.
  • Astrogeologic Surveys in Complex Security Environments – Much of the universe’s great mineral deposits lie in regions with complex security concerns. At AMR, our pilots will go where the situation may be uncertain to our clients, conducting high-fidelity hyperspectral mineral surveys and professional analysis of the security situation, allowing our clients and their investors to make informed decisions.
  • Real-Time Astrographic Access and Threat AnalysisAMR understands the necessity for discretion in today’s competitive economic environment and the need for up-to-the-minute information on both competitors and potential threats to convoys, miners, and security forces. AMR is proud to offer uniquely tailored operations to provide real-time threat observations to our clients, ensuring they have to most accurate environmental picture prior to undertaking any activity.


Founded: 2944-10-12

Our Vision
A versatile, professional team responsive to the ever shifting paradigm of the Verse.

Our Mission
To provide the foremost deep space asset retrieval & mineral survey capabilities in an increasingly complex security environment.

Our Values
Adaptivity – Whatever the situation, we remain flexible to meet any challenge.
Confidentiality – We will never disclose trusted information to anyone. Information provided to us will always be handled with the utmost discretion.
Honesty – We will provide realistic expectations up front to our clients & team. We will never promise what we cannot deliver & we will deliver what we promise.
Integrity – We uphold our highest standards & ideals no matter the challenge presented.
Professionalism – We will treat everyone with the respect & courtesy they deserve. We always reflect the highest standards of personal conduct & technical expertise.

We are committed to creating an enjoyable, welcoming, & immersive Star Citizen experience for all. To accomplish this it is essential that all our organization members & partners work towards that end. If in doubt, default to treating others with respect, assume the best in them, & always remember: this is a video game. We are here to enjoy ourselves in an amazing virtual universe.