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We have are currently recruiting hit us up with an invite or a PM!
Military – You have one of Banu Defender/Vanguard Warden/Retaliator Bomber



Founders Illic, rat1oN, TheDegree0
Head of Economy Illic Lanthresh
Current Industrial fleet Orion(3) Starfarer(5) Crucible(2), Hull-D, Hull-C, Reclaimer, Vulcan, Prospector(3), Vulture(3), Hercules M2, 890 Jump, BMM, Caterpillar(2), MPUV Cargo
2nd in command OldGeezer, skybug

Head of Exploration Falcon_Flow
Current Exploration fleet Carrack(3), Endeavour(2), Pioneer(4×4km Land), Constellation X(3), 600i Explorer

Admiral of Military operations Jiaan
Admiral of the Strikeforce DrTeeBaggger
2nd in command rat1oN
Current Military fleet Polaris(3), Hammerhead(2), Banu Defender, Vanguard Warden, Redeemer, Terrapin, Reclaimer



We’re our own ecosystem, we are self suficient and can operate deep in to the high risk space. We have a Crucible and a Vulcan for repairs, Starfarers for fuel and an army specialized at traveling long range side by side with the rest of us.

Profit and growth is our Pole Star for navigation across the verse.


We’re a flat organization who wants to avoid unnecessary hierarchy and promote open discussion from every crew member. If you want to be an appreciated crew member whos opinion counts as much as anybody else then we are a great fit for you.

We follow the law unless you threaten our operations and refuse to join us or leave the premises.