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Welcome to Angel Squadron HQ.

We are a neutral Sanctuary dedicated to helping the Citizens of the UEE.

(Our Discord ):

Please look around and familiarize yourself with our services.


Angel Squadron was founded by Halo and Luna Khan, former Combat Medics who served side by side in the UEEN.

Having seen enough of combat and discharging from the Navy, they have dedicated their lives to helping those in need.


Angel Squadron is a neutral Sanctuary dedicated to helping the Citizens of the UEE.

The Sanctuary:

  • is a Neutral fleet and colony.
  • Provides assistance to anyone, regardless of affiliation.
  • Provides Medical Assistance
  • Provides Ship repairs and refueling
  • A trading zone
  • A place to stop and rest from your journey.
  • Violence or conflict in the Neutral Zone will NOT be tolerated.

The unit does not condone illegal activities and will not support active criminals.
However the unit will provide medical support to those whom have surrendered to us and laid down arms.

Angel Squadron will provide Sanctuary to any individual or Organisation .


Unit Members are not to be involved with illegal activities.

Unit Members are to follow UEEN law, and when outside UEE territory, they are to follow the laws of the local sector.