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Angel Squadron / ANGELSQN

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Welcome to Angel Squadron HQ.

We are a neutral Paramilitary Unit of ex-UEE Navy and Marines.

Discord Link.

Please look around and familiarize yourself with our services.


Angel Squadron was founded by UEE Navy Veterans Halo and Luna Khan.

Disillusioned with the wars and corruption with the UEE, they established The Sanctuary, a neutral zone devised to be free from imperialism.

The Sanctuary gained a reputation for their grand hospital and helping wayward travellers.
The members of Angel Squadron now roam the verse in their Fleet, helping the innocent and those that cannot defend themselves.


Angel Squadron is a sanctuary – the beacon of a safe haven – in the vast universe.

We aim for neutrality in all aspects, be it in conflict or in peace and we will safeguard that neutrality forcefully if need be.

Angel Squadron aims to provide the citizens in the universe with a safe haven, a place to rest and recharge as well as recover from any injuries.
We provide all manner of services to citizens, medical, recovery, refuel, repairs, VIP escorts and facilitates a neutral ground for negotiations between civilians and organisations alike.

Angel Squadron does not condone illegal activities and will not harbor any known active criminals.
We will however always provide medical assistance and treat anyone who surrenders with the proper respect.

We will always

  • Provide assistance to anyone in need regardless of affiliation.
  • Provide medical assistance.
  • Provide ship repairs and refueling.
  • Provide a neutral port of trade open for all, only exception being known criminals.
  • Provide a neutral port where people can rest up and recharge, between travels or conflicts.
  • Safeguard our neutrality and the integrity of our sanctuary with any measure deemed necessary, be it diplomatic or forcefully.

We stand for equality among all and we will never discriminate based on gender, anyone can climb our ranks if they are a valuable member of Angel Squadron and bring a good attitude.
As a member of Angel Squadron you will be part of some of the decision process, as the leadership values the ideas and thoughts of its members.


The Code

  • No Angel left behind.
  • No fallen Angel forgotten.
  • Watch over all Angels.
  • To hell and back for your Angel brethren

Squadron Rules

  • Racist, sexist or homophobic comments will NOT be tolerated.
  • Excessive swearing will NOT be tolerated.
  • General offensive comments will NOT be tolerated.

Angel Squadron works on a 2 Strike System.
1 warning and then you are kicked for breeching that rule.

Angel Squadron is LGBTI friendly.